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I serve Thorne, my master user!


Biographical information
Derezzed Date Various
Physical description
Circuitry Color Green
Gender Male
Other information
Allies J.D. Thorne
Rector Scripts
Out of universe information
Appearances TRON 2.0

A Z-Lot is a corrupted computer program that is controlled by a higher power such as a virus. They used to be friendly innocent programs, faithful to their users, but due to corruption they become Z-Lots, mindless programs subservient to the corruptive influences that changed them. They are fairly easy to derez.  Their main weapons are the various types of balls.


  • The name "Z-Lot" is similar to the word "zealot" (although pronounced differently), meaning a person who uncompromisingly abides by a set of ideals. The similarity appears to be intentional as the Z-Lots exhibit behavior comparable to zealots.