Tron Wiki
Usage Recoding components
Users Bodhi
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Uprising

The Wrench is a tool that can recode any broken engine or parts of a vehicle. It was invented by Bodhi before being mass-produced, allowing programs working at Able's garage to make repairs to damaged vehicles efficiently and effectively. It can be collapsed into a small square shape for ease of transport, but is usually left expanded; numerous duplicates are kept in tool drawers at the garage. The tool's effectiveness was proven when Beck used it to fix a smashed control panel in seconds.

When the wrench is activated and connected to the code of a damaged vehicle, the vehicle becomes transparent, highlighting the broken area of the vehicle. It then allows the user to manually interact with the code and to quickly make the required repairs.

The wrench can also be used for a variety of other purposes. Beck used it to modify his identity disc so that his circuitry resembled Tron's, and later employed it as a lockpick to free himself from handcuffs. He can also use it to hack control panels and vehicles, such as forcing a Black Guard's light cycle to retract to its baton while the Guard was riding it. It is unknown whether these additional features are unique to Bodhi's wrench or if the mass-produced version is the same.

Bodhi's wrench was later destroyed when, after Beck had used it to free Tron from Cyrus's bomb, Tron attached the bomb to his murderous former student and snapped the tool in half in a futile attempt to ensure that Cyrus would not escape.

Though this tool is almost never referred to, Beck calls it a wrench in episode 11, "Grounded".