Program Alu, request additional information for sector two. Prepare hanger for game simulation transport.
Voice of the Grid
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DescriptionNo physical appearance
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ActorEdie Mirman (TRON: Legacy)
Tricia Helfer (TRON: Uprising)
TRON: Legacy
TRON: Uprising

The Voice of the Grid is a disembodied female voice which provides information and instructions in the computer world. Similar Voices existed both on the original Game Grid and on Kevin Flynn's Grid.

TRON: 1982Edit

In the ENCOM system, the Voice is heard conducting transport of conscripts to the light cycle grid and ordering them to return when they stage an illegal exit. It is also heard during the rezzing of the Solar Sailer, requesting sector information from program Alu and directing the hangar to prepare for the craft's departure.

TRON: UprisingEdit

The Voice of the Grid in TRON: Uprising is mainly heard on the Light Rail, providing safety directions for passengers. It is also heard in General Tesler's sleeping chamber, wishing him a pleasant cycle when he woke up.

Aside from the Voice's normal occurrences, it also provided snarky recap commentary before many of the episodes.

TRON: LegacyEdit

In TRON: Legacy, the Voice serves as an announcer for Disc Wars and light cycle matches.


  • While uncredited in the 1982 movie, the Voice is credited as "Computer Voice" in Legacy and "Voice of the Grid" in Uprising.