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A Vice Squad neon sign at the 2009 reopening of Flynn's Arcade in San Diego.

Vice Squad is one of the video games created by Kevin Flynn in 1981 while working at ENCOM. Along with Space Paranoids, this game was stolen by Edward Dillinger, who claimed it as his own before Flynn got evidence against Dillinger and had him fired.

The game became a great success and helped start ENCOM's reign as the biggest video game company in the world.

A playable arcade of Vice Squad was in the Flynn's Arcade at Disney's California Adventure during ElecTRONica.


Vice Squad is only briefly mentioned by Flynn in the movie. The game itself is never shown; however, a neon Vice Squad sign can be seen in some shots of the arcade.

Home of TRON viral site[]

Vice Squad is briefly mentioned on Home of TRON's website. The unnamed creator of the site states that Vice Squad was his favorite game at Flynn's Arcade, and that he had a top high score of 230,007,635 points.