Greetings Programs! This is a compilation of mistakes I have found in Tron: Uprising, I'll update when I find more mistakes.


  • During the intro of Beck's Beginning, Tron is seen in the games (prior to Clu's betrayal) fighting... with his disc activated, but Flynn's version of the games doesn't allow people to derezz others.
  • In Scars (P2), Tron is approching Dyson with two discs, but a third somehow on his back.
  • In Identity, Beck's disc is a fake and won't activate when Tron first makes it. But later on, the fake disc turns on.
  • In Scars (P1), Tron splits Beck's disc in half to get his former white suit back, and throws the half on the ground, but in Scars (P2), Beck wakes up and grabs his disc, now a full disc.
  • IP told me about this mistake: In "State of Mind" when Pavel fights Beck on the bridge, Beck knocks Pavel's disc away along with the staff. After he quickly regains consciousness (from when Keller knocked him out) Pavel runs and uses the guard's disc to get through the door, but his own disc is nowhere to be found on the ground or on his back. 

That's all the mistakes I've found so far, I'll update with more soon.