Greetings, programs. So, I just got back from the Armory...the greatest place on the Grid (in my opinion). It's right across from my house, and I go to it every Friday night to hang out with Sark and his lieutenant, as well as browse the awesome stuff they have there. Here is the listing:

  • Discs of every color (Blue! Red! Green! Yellow! Purple! Orange!)
  • Light Cycles (Oh my gosh! They have them in every color, and they're only $5.99!)
  • Solar Sailor (Simulations, parts, even the freaking thing itself. Although it's $40.00!)
  • Recognizers (I had to buy them for $100.00!)
  • Carrier parts
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Rechargers
  • Energy Drinks
  • Those drinks that speed up your power cycles. Me and Sark always avoid it. I, myself, want to have my power cycles slowed down.
  • Circuits. I love them.

I bumped into Quorra on the way in, and threw my red disc at her. Now she's dead!

End of line.