Greetings, friends!

Together we will achieve great many things. I've created a revolution without disasters. I maintained it, I improved it. We'll have the chance, We will rise a protest against them. I Promised that we gotta work, stick and change the world: Together.

My fellow friends let there be no doubt that we will not wait no more. For at this moment, The key to the next frontier is our show - TRON: Uprising for season 2 will soon finally be renewed and in our possession once again!

And unlike Motorcity is already being cancelled, I will make Flynn Lives and this campagin open as well and available to all of us! YES TO ALL OF US! And whatever happens we find them, soon more people will grow. and soon our viewers will rise - Maximize millions! Do this, prove yourself to me, be loyal to me, and I will never betray you!

Rejoice, my friends. You will be joined into a rebel party. Together we will save our TV show from them! Together we will bring more the people of the viewers to watch!

My vision is clear, fellow friends. We have faced far worse than this, But we are the fans of the franchise, We who have love that show, We who have watched it before. who will not be tolerated by letting it cancelled for them.

friends, we will not put aside the petty grievances that we have been for so long. We will unite, we will stand together, and We will never give up, and never surrender! Tron: Uprising must be saved... This Year is a new era For Tron! This year is our chance! This our destiny.



Fans of Tron: Uprising - Lend me your ears out there and listen to me very carefully - From: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States...and The World that any of you have Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and any of you are a fan of the tv show and a fan of Tron Franchise, can come with me and sign and join (these petitions: See Links below) main petition and watch and see this video message, join the other petition and it will be on blu-ray and our victory will soon be awaits for us...And who likes to go with me?:

Links - My Facebook Petition Group (TR0N L1v35: TRON Lives)  - Our Twitter Petition Group (Save Tron Now)  - Our Facebook Petition Group (Save The Grid) - Sign The Internet Petition (Renew Tron Uprising and Motorcity for additional seasons) - Sign The Internet Petition (To Renew TRON: Uprising) - Video Message / U.S. Disney programming: | 818-460-7477 - Vote For TRON: Uprising Season 2