Rumors of cancellation alone have caused wide-spread outrage among all fans of Tron and Disney.

After hearing of the possible cancellation, fans suggested the show to vote for the continuation of the animated series. - TRON: Uprising - Vote For TRON: Uprising Season 2  - Our Twitter Petition Group (Save Tron Now)

Tron: Uprising is held on As of April 2013 the show is undergoing a vote on the website if smgo should start funding for a season 2, the goal was set for 2500 votes, and now in August the set was changed to 15,000 votes (as of 25th of March 2014, the total was up to 3625). - Renew TRON: Uprising - Sign The Internet Petition (To Renew TRON: Uprising) - Our Facebook Petition Group (Save The Grid)

Also an online petition started in December 2012 on a petition was created for the show to be brought back and to renew the series with the possibility of moving it to either a different time slot or different network garnered attention from the Walt Disney Company which expressed openness to renewal of the series if enough signatures were received. The goal is set for 7500 supporters, with 7400 already signed, And now as of October 2013, the petition, with a target response of 8,000 signatures, was just 100 participants short of meeting its goal. Upon reaching the votes "we'll take your requests to Disney and present Tron: Uprising as a viable". and now the set was changed to 10,000 votes and finally for two years at last, as of 21st of August the maximum was up to 10,000: Completed. and now as of this month the petiton is closed and the total limit is already up to 10,191 counts.