Hello Tron fans and Motorcitizens!  It’s been awhile since we’ve had time to really talk about your shows, so let’s give you a brief update.  First, we realized from the YJ campaign that we underestimated our translation of votes in to actual dollars – so while both of your fan groups are super enthusiastic about bringing your show back, we’re going to need to push the voting benchmarks higher on both of your shows.

We truly hate pushing the hurdle farther away, but we (wrongly) assumed that because animation is significantly cheaper to create, it would take fewer votes for a “downpayment.”  What we didn’t realize is that the demographics for these shows consists largely of people unable or unwilling to pledge (so a vote works out to less than we assumed in terms of monetary value).  This is going to be an across the board thing – every show will have to get over a 15,000 vote hurdle moving forward.

The good news with the change is that if people understand that a vote means they’ll pledge and a campaign reaches its voting goal – we’ll be able to put up enough money to have a DTV video at the start of the campaign (meaning things can only get better).  The more swag[1] they’re willing to pledge for, the more likely we can reach those goals moving forward!

All of this being said, we still will bring both shows up when we do meet with the parent studio to make sure they’re realistic candidates on the studio end.