Here's the big question. Should the pages: "Game Grid", "Tron System", & "The Grid" be just one page? Well, essentially, they're all the same thing. Just different names for the digital world. I will be referring to the plane of existence where programs live as the "digital world" throughout this article.

Let's think...

The digital world was called the "Game Grid" when ENCOM and the MCP was in control of it.(TRON, 1982)

After the events of the first TRON (1982),in the real world, Kevin Flynn took the servers from ENCOM's headquarters and hid them in a secret room in Flynn's Arcade. He did experiments and used the Shiva Laser to enter the digital world. Flynn renames the "Game Grid" to "The Grid"; Flynn also calls it a "digital frontier". It is known as the "Tron System" as well.

The digital world has various names including: "Game Grid", "The Grid", "Tron System","digital frontier", and possibly more. But what it all boils down to is one digital world where programs exist and carry out functions. People might be confused and think that the digital world in TRON (1982) is not the same digital world as seen in TRON:Legacy (2010) because they look so different. The digital world was updated throughout time, and became more modern, just like technology and computers do over time.

Hopefully that wasn't confusing. I think my suggestion of making 1 page for the digital world should be considered. I believe it would be less confusing for readers that are not so familiar with the TRON universe if it was just 1 page.