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User Error is a fan-made expansion to the video game TRON 2.0.

The first version of this mod was released in 2005 by Meatsack and consisted of 5 levels.

On February 29, 2008, A second version of the mod with a newly written storyline furthering the adventures of Jeremy Powers was released by members: Mor.Evil-1, Win3K, and Zook_One of the Living Dead System Operators team and became known as User Error 2.

The first release of the second version for the mod consisted of the original 5 levels with an additional 11 new levels for a total of 16 which included :  A new opening game sequence with opening credits, Newly added cutscenes between each level, and a newly added end game sequence/credits.

User Error 1&2 are set after the events of Jet's journey through the computer world in the original TRON 2.0 single player campaign.


Jeremy Powers is an FCon employee with financial troubles. He is given an offer by a former Russian agent, Karl, who promises to get Jeremy out of financial troubles in return for a favor. This favor is to retrieve a file out of the FCon system. Jeremy steals Jet's username and password to infiltrate the server.


Meatsack: Level Design and Original Concept
Mor.Evil-1: Level Design
Win3k: Level Design, Voices
Zook_One: New Character Models, Level Design, Voices
TronFAQ: Voices, Testing
Load "*", 8,1: Testing
Xistence: Testing


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