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Tron system
Geographical information
Points of Interest The Grid
Sea of Simulation
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Owners Kevin Flynn (1983-1989)

Clu 2 (1989-2010)

Inhabitants Programs
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Evolution
TRON: Betrayal
TRON: Legacy

The Tron system is Kevin Flynn's digital universe, an artificial digital environment created to form a "Newtonian playground" where all thought and experimentation can proceed at a vastly accelerated rate over what people can achieve in the real world. Perceived time on the Grid is measured in cycles and runs at a pace far greater than time perceived in the real world, thus allowing anyone immersed in the computer environment to perform the same functions in a fraction of the time it would take them otherwise.

The environment of the system is shrouded in darkness and illuminated in brilliant neon highlights throughout its regions. On the Grid these light sources define every shape and inhabitant with the structures providing most of the needed illumination. Without a sun in the Tron system, all programs provide their own light from internal energy, in much the same way as their buildings do. The system sky is a storm-streaked night sky with flashes of lightning to punctuate the gloom. Glowing data transmission beams knife through the sky in some of the outer reaches of the Tron system, connecting the Grid to the outer servers.


An ISO City

The Tron system was initially programmed in 1983 on some former ENCOM servers that had been disconnected from the ENCOM mainframe and moved to a hidden location in the basement of Flynn's Arcade. There in secret, Flynn was left to create his pre-eminent digital experiment, shaping it into a virtual universe within the machine. Through a process of digitization Flynn was able to actually transport the entirety of his being into the universe itself, thus granting him first hand access to the data processing speeds of the system and vastly accelerating the growth of his digital creation.

Initially Flynn brought the program Tron into the system to assist with the construction and soon created Clu 2 as a digital copy of himself to manage the construction while Flynn was away. Together the three of them expanded the Tron system into a digital universe, complete with a city housing a vast number of basic programs.


  • The Tron system is a term that is frequently used in an interchangeable context with "the Grid", however the Tron system is also used to express the fusion of the server hardware with the system's code.

Key Areas[]

Some of the key areas in the Tron system are:

The Tron system with Tron City dominating the west and Portal far off to the east.