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Sam Flynn

Learn more about the reclusive son of ENCOM CEO Kevin Flynn

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Tron: Legacy

The game has changed

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Kevin Flynn

Learn everything about the CEO of Encom, trapped in the grid

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Matteo16 Matteo16 3 October 2019

A few things i have never understood.

1. Is the grid/tron system populated by of programs from the ENCOM computer cloud/system or is it only made up of programs that Kevin Flynn and his various alumni created?

2. If a program is meant to look like their user, why dont all programs in Tron city look like Kev…

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Superman 00 Superman 00 11 October 2018

Casper loves you

I loved the whole movie, especially the that was cool..

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Gibson42 Gibson42 7 March 2017

News Regarding TRON 3

Quite a few interesting pieces of information regarding a third TRON have appeared over the last few days. This doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I thought it was worth bringing up anyways.

First, Joseph Kosinski recently revealed[[1]] what "TRON: Ascension" (the thi…

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Gibson42 Gibson42 9 January 2017

Capitalization/De-capitalization Project

I've noticed some inconsistencies in the capitalization (and lack of capitalization) of certain terms on the wiki. I feel that it is necessary to agree on the preferred way to write them and go forward with correcting mistakes. The two points of concern are:

-"User" vs …

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