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Tron City
Geographical information
Region The Grid
Points of Interest Armory
End of Line Club
Game Arena
Light Cycle Grid
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Owners Kevin Flynn (1983-1989)
Clu (1989-2010)
Inhabitants Programs
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Betrayal
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Legacy
TRON: Uprising

Tron City is the main city in the Tron system. It is built on the Grid, Kevin Flynn's master creation, and is the pinnacle of his "digital frontier". It is constructed in a hexagonal shape, with a deep chasm surrounding its perimeter. Bridges connect it to the surrounding area and form highly defensible choke points against any surface-based aggression. The city, like the Grid around it, matches the darkened environment of the rest of the Tron system. The gloom is offset by brilliant white illumination, meandering throughout the city like circuits on on a printed circuit board.

The first beginnings of Tron City were in 1983 after the establishment of the Grid. It was expanded to accommodate a multitude of diverse programs and beyond the purely functional streets and buildings it eventually gained some of the less essential trappings of a society, such as a vast entertainment arena and nightclubs. One building in particular provides a significant point of interest; Flynn's Arcade in the real world has its very own digital simulation in Tron City and this modest structure in the heart of the city provides the entry point into the system for users rezzing in from the real arcade.

At the top of the tallest tower in Tron City was the End of Line Club. The prominent social gathering spot, owned by the outgoing Castor was destroyed by Clu's forces on two separate occasions.

Until 1989, Tron's security squad had a skyscraper that served as their headquarters until needed. ISO Towers were a main location of unrest, fueled by Basic riots against ISOs in their district.

Tron City was at one time a thriving metropolis of digital freedom where all types of programs functioned and intermingled. But ever since Clu took over the control of the Tron system from Kevin Flynn, it has become a dark, oppressed place of strict, regulated functions.


  • In 1989, its population was 16,453,479.
  • The layout and design of the Tron City is strikingly similar to the Dark City of The World That Never Was from Kingdom Hearts II. This may be a subtle tribute to Square Enix for featuring the TRON universe in the game. Interestingly, TRON was the first Disney film that Square Enix requested to be featured in the game.