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Tron: Uprising S01E19 Terminal
Media Type Television episode
Starring Elijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Lance Henriksen
Paul Reubens
Guest: Fred Tatasciore
Guest: John Glover
Release Date January 28, 2013

Terminal is the 19th episode of TRON: Uprising, and the last of the show's first season. In this episode, Tron tells Beck that he is dying and finds out that the only way to stop his illness is to use the Occupation's new super recognizer. Meanwhile, Zed tries to convince Mara that Tron is not responsible for Able's death.

Plot Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The workers at Able's garage gathered in his office to mourn his death. Zed tried to convince Mara that Tron was not the one who caused Able's death, but she continued to blame the Renegade, retorting that even the Bit agreed with her.

At Tron's hideout, Beck was participating in a training session with him when Tron collapsed, his scars widening rapidly. Beck hastily put Tron in his healing chamber, but barely managed to slow down his deterioration before the chamber overloaded and blew out, leaving Tron without a reliable way to recover. Tron informed Beck that Cyrus's attacks had left him little time to live, and that Beck would have to be "Tron" from then on.

Cutler returned to Argon City, met up with Beck, and asked him to invite "Tron" to a rendezvous with other anti-Occupation programs. Beck, in his Renegade disguise, arrived at the meeting point, but discovered that Cutler has been repurposed by Clu and the rendezvous was a trap. Beck, barely managing to escape in an aerial dogfight, was left with Cutler's assurance that Tron would eventually turn himself in because the recognizer contained a device which would clean up his code and cure him.

Meanwhile, Zed continued to try to convince Mara that the Renegade was only one program and couldn't save everyone every time. Their grieving process was interrupted when Pavel took advantage of Able's death to take over the garage, sitting in Able's office and cruelly derezzing the Bit when it objected.

Tron feared that the aid Cutler offered would not only remove the damaged code from his system, essentially curing him, but also insert new code to repurpose him. Beck came up with a plan to let the device cure Tron, but to rescue him before any repurposing could take place. Tron agreed to the plan and turned himself in. As Tron entered the repurposing chamber and it cleaned his code of the damage Dyson and Cyrus had caused, Beck struggled to infiltrate the recognizer in time, and broke the chamber in mid-edit; the plan worked and Tron was fully healed. In the ensuing battle, Beck revealed his identity to Cutler, who briefly managed to fight off his own repurposing - but only for a short time. Beck, unable to save his murderous former comrade, made the difficult choice of letting Cutler die, and the super-recognizer fell from the sky after receiving critical damage.

Tron and Beck continued to fight the remaining guards on the wreckage of the recognizer, which had crashed near Able's garage. Pavel, incensed at the sight of the Renegade, sent his guards to destroy him, but Mara, Zed, the rest of the garage crew, and many other programs from Argon City banded together to protect "Tron" and join in the fight, forming the beginning of a true resistance movement. As Pavel's soldiers ran away, Tron concluded that the revolution had finally begun.

General Tesler, furious at the discovery of a giant superweapon which nobody had told him about, demanded to know how it had appeared in Argon City, and Paige informed him of the imminent arrival of an armada led by Clu. Far away over the sea, Clu and Dyson stood at the helm of the throne ship as their vast armada approached Argon City, an immediate threat to the fledgling rebellion and the newly restored Tron.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While Tron wore his white outfit, Beck used the same Renegade/Tron light suit that he had created and worn in Beck's Beginning.
  • Clu's throne ship, seen at the end of the episode, is the same model seen in TRON: Legacy. However, the circuitry color is bright yellow, as opposed to orange.
  • Near the end of the episode, Daft Punk's Reflections can be heard.
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