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Tron: Uprising S01E17 Rendezvous
Media Type Television episode
Director Charlie Bean
Artist Bill Wolkoff
Starring Elijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Lance Henriksen
Paul Reubens
Guest: Kathryn Hunter
Release Date January 14, 2013

Rendezvous is the 17th episode of TRON: Uprising. Beck agrees to go on a date with Paige, but their night is cut short when Paige is betrayed by Pavel and thrown into the Games; Beck thinks he may finally be able to win Paige over by rescuing her as The Renegade.

Plot Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tron caught Beck studying numerous memories of Paige on big screens in their hideout, and teased him about his upcoming date. Beck retorted, unconvincingly, that he was just gathering intel, but soon admitted that he felt Paige was different and could be turned to their side. Tron remained unconvinced, but did not try to stop him.

The date, a playful skydiving session ending on a scenic bridge overlooking Argon City, went well, though Beck was unable to talk Paige around through hints and double meanings. When Paige returned to the Coliseum, she caught Pavel testing the restored upgrade weapon, which he had kept secret from General Tesler, by slaughtering a group of hopelessly outclassed prisoners; she gave him a day to turn the weapon in on threat of being reported. Pavel, incensed, sought Gorn's collusion in a plot to frame and discredit Paige.

Beck and Paige, playing a game in a pool hall on their second date, were having a deep but fruitless conversation about masks and doing the right thing when Pavel and his guards burst in, arresting them both. Imprisoned, Beck suggested escape, but Paige resisted, as she felt that would only make her look guilty and the truth should be evident from the records on her identity disc. However, Pavel's guards took Paige to a secret room where Gorn's assistant, Lomox, used a code worm to painfully insert an incriminating memory onto Paige's disc. Returned to the cell, disillusioned and exhausted from the tortuous process, Paige concluded that they had made her into a guilty program, so she might as well act like one.

Some passing guards, seeing Beck apparently unconscious and alone, entered the cell, and were taken by surprise when Paige dropped on them from the ceiling; she and Beck disabled their captors and fled. Paige, however, refused to let Beck accompany her as she sought out those who had framed her, not wishing to endanger him further by association with her. Pavel, however, had planned for her arrival at Gorn's shop; between the two of them, they convinced General Tesler that Paige had mocked and conspired against him. Incensed, Tesler ordered Paige to be sent to the games.

Jousting on lightcycles before a cheering crowd, Paige proceeded to demolish every opponent who came against her. Tesler furiously demanded whether there was no program on the Grid worthy of fighting her; Pavel, secretly secure in his possession of Shaw's superweapon, volunteered. When he cracked the floor beneath Paige, expecting her to fall to her death, Beck, as the Renegade, swooped in on a light jet and rescued her, evading pursuit to fly her to the same bridge where they'd shared their date. Contrary to his expectations, Paige was furious at the rescue, aware that it would make her look even more guilty. Beck, still masked, tried to convince her that she was on the wrong side, but she spat that he only caused chaos and mayhem and that she would never work with him. "I'm fighting for you too," he protested, and she retorted, "Then you've already lost."

Paige was later cornered by Tesler at the docks of Argon City. To her surprise, Tesler and an enthusiastic Pavel welcomed her back into the fold, showing her that Lomox -- who, mute, was unable to protest -- had incriminating data on his disc indicating that he had collaborated with the renegade to frame her. Pavel had also given Tesler the weapon, saying smoothly that he had always meant to do so once it had been tested. Lomox was led away, and Tesler rewarded Pavel by giving him his own district. Pavel was less delighted about the news when the district was revealed to be Purgos, and Paige, still suspicious, thanked him ironically for having her back and promised to return the favor some time, some way. Later, meeting Beck at the pool hall, she told him that his rhetoric had made her lose focus and that she could no longer be with him.

Pavel, returning to Gorn to let her know that her latest forgery had been successful, found her working at her desk and warned her mockingly against revealing her part in the aborted frame. Gorn, whose face had been mutilated as her mute assistant's had been, was unable to reply.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Beck breaks the "fourth wall" in this episode by looking at the camera.
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