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Tron: Uprising S01E16 Welcome Home
Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorRob Valley
StoryScott Nimerfro, Adam Prince, Donna Thorland
StarringElijah Wood
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Lance Henriksen
Guest: Marcia Gay Harden
Release DateJanuary 7, 2013

Welcome Home is the 16th episode of TRON: Uprising. Beck tries to rescue a fleeing government scientist before Paige and the Occupation finds her; Paige and Beck become passengers on the same runaway train and Beck must save the innocent programs on the train without revealing his identity.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Keller, wanted all over Argon City for defecting from the Occupation, boarded a light rail train to Bismuth in an attempt to start a new life. However, she was followed by Paige and identified by Beck when her disguise failed.

Beck attempted to persuade Keller to join the resistance, but Keller refused. Seeing that the train was being searched, Beck helped Keller get to the roof and attempted to delay Paige by unsuccessfully flirting with her. Paige, who only remembered Beck when he reminded her of his duel with Cutler at the Coliseum, was unimpressed, remarking that his disc skills had been no more than "adequate." Seeing Pavel arriving via light copter, she headed for the roof to argue with him.

Keller, looking for a way to get off the train unseen, was sighted and fired upon by the light copter, and Beck, hidden by the side of the train, flung his disc in an attempt to divert their fire, but the copter spun out of control, spraying the train's engine compartment with energy bolts. Unable to stop, the train sped out of control as Keller, her stolen wing chute lost when she dove for cover, disappeared back into the train.

Seeing that the train was now a speeding deathtrap, Pavel debarked in another light copter, considering Keller's death a fait accompli and caring nothing for the hundreds of innocent programs on the train. Paige, however, refused to do the same, and returned to the train, where Beck had once again been unsuccessfully trying to convert Keller to his cause. Keller still refused, denying that Beck's "ragtag rebellion" was worth joining and stating that she only wanted to get to Bismuth, where she could disappear. Thwarted, Beck tried once again to stall Paige as Keller moved to a different car. As they argued, bulkheads fell to seal the doors to each car, trapping most of the programs within. Beck, admitting to Paige that he was really a mechanic and had only claimed to be an architect earlier in order to impress her, went to work on the doors, more determined than ever to make her take notice of him.

Keller, meanwhile, heard two engineers, Ott and Lenz, planning to leave the train via an escape capsule, and followed them to the top of the train, where they used magnetic clamps to pull themselves forward since the train was moving too fast to walk safely. Keller grabbed Ott's foot, demanding to be taken with them. Ott tried to kick her off, but was derezzed when he failed to see an oncoming low tunnel; Lenz, ducking, survived and continued toward the forward part of the train, followed by Keller, who had taken Ott's magnetic clamps after his death.

Beck succeeded in getting the bulkheads to retract, and he and Paige proceeded to the torn-up engine compartment, where he had to admit that there wasn't enough of the code left to fix the train. Instead, he asked Paige to tell all the passengers to move to the rear compartments, and used his disc to sever the connection between the engine and the rear of the train, leaving the passengers to drift safely to a halt. As he did so, Lenz and Keller leaped over the gap between the cars to get to the forward compartment where the escape pod was. Paige, seeing her, followed, further reducing her own chances of survival; Beck, frustrated, followed as well.

When Lenz reached the escape pod, he locked Keller out and took off without her. However, just as he took off, the train flipped upside down to allow another train to pass along the same light beam in the opposite direction. Lenz's pod, descending right in front of the new train, was immediately derezzed, and Keller, still pursued by Paige, hid among cargo containers on the upper catwalk of the foremost compartment.

The runaway train roared past Bismuth Station without stopping. Paige, advancing cautiously into the compartment, called out to Keller, asking her to surrender and saying that General Tesler had promised Keller amnesty and a second chance. She added that she knew it would be hard to believe, but that she herself had been granted a second chance by Tesler and knew he would be kind to Keller too. Keller, hidden above, struggled to shove a giant cargo container toward the edge of the catwalk, directly over where Paige was standing. But the readouts at the front window of the car, showing that the train was approaching certain doom at a broken bridge over a canyon ahead, distracted Paige and she ran forward, out of the danger zone.

Beck, arriving at the car's rear door, shouted that they'd both have to hang on while he tried to slow the train down. Paige, turning, saw Keller on the catwalk and reiterated her promise of a second chance. At that moment, the container Keller had moved crashed down exactly where Paige had previously been standing. Paige realized what Keller had tried to do, but nonetheless clarified that the second chance would start now.

Beck, sliding down to where the front of the train met the light beam, took out his light cycle baton and started to rezz the vehicle while holding it against the beam. As he did so, light cycle components were torn away into the beam and jammed in the train's engines, causing it to slow just enough for Paige and Keller to jump to safety. The train was still too close to the gap to stop completely, and its front cars vanished over the edge of the canyon as Beck raced desperately to climb to safety.

As he pulled himself up over the edge, he saw Keller allow Paige to return her white circuits to the orange-red color of the Occupation, preparing to return to Argon City as light copters landed to take them in. Beck realized in frustration that he had missed his chance of recruiting her. Paige, however, was relieved that he'd survived, and suggested that he look her up when he got back to Argon. Keller interrupted their talk and Beck feared that she would give away his connection to the rebellion, but she said simply that he was a true hero.

Back at Tesler's ship, Paige, standing at Keller's side, expressed gratitude that Tesler had given the scientist a second chance. Tesler, smiling in benevolent agreement, dismissed her. Keller, left alone, knelt and announced her loyalty to Clu, saying contritely that she would not fail Tesler again. Tesler's smile turned sinister as he grasped her shoulder, and he said that he knew she wouldn't. His gauntlet ignited, and Keller screamed as the energy tore her apart.