Tron's Safehouse
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Tron's safehouse is a stronghold built into a crag in the Outlands near Argon City. It is the base of operations of Tron and his trainee, Beck.

The lair was used by Tron, starting some time after the ISO wars, when he was saved from deresolution by the former sentry Cyrus, who became Tron's apprentice as The Renegade, since Tron himself was mortally wounded. It occupies a hollowed-out horizontal section of a rock spire. The safehouse is outfitted with a regenerative chamber for Tron to heal his scars, a vast computer, training simulators, and surveillance devices with which Tron and Beck can monitor the city. Like Flynn's Safehouse, its floor and ceiling can light up on demand. The lair can be reached via a temporary bridge that rezzed in front of the driver and derezzes behind them.


  • Despite the rock serving as the hideout's roof being several times as tall as it is wide, it is only supported by a relatively small central rectangular structure and the hideout's glass walls.
  • The hideout is much more spacious than the one Kevin Flynn uses in TRON: Legacy.