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I fight for the users.


Tron Program
Biographical information
User Alan-One
Compile Date 1980 (Version 1)
1983 (Version 2)
Status Alive
Physical description
Circuitry Color Blue (ENCOM mainframe)
White (Tron system)
Orange (as Rinzler, formerly)
Gender Male
Description Regular program appearance
System Monitor
Other information
Functions Security program
Equipment Identity Disc
Healing Chamber
Vehicles Light Cycle (1st generation)
Light Cycle (4th generation)
Light Cycle (TRON: Uprising)
Speed Boat
Allies Yori
Clu (formerly)
Dyson (formerly)
Cyrus (formerly)
Out of universe information
Actor Bruce Boxleitner
Appearances TRON
TRON: Betrayal
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids
TRON: Uprising
TRON: Legacy
Kingdom Hearts II
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Disney Emoji Blitz
Fall Guys
Disney Mirrorverse
Disney Magic Kingdoms

Tron is a security computer program written by Alan Bradley, and in 1982 was taken prisoner by the self-aware Master Control Program and forced to play on the Game Grid. His legendary skills and devotion to the users turned him into a formidable warrior and Disc Arena master.


TRON 1980-1982


A prototype of Tron was completed in January 1980 by ENCOM programmer Alan Bradley as a self-monitoring security program. The full name of this program was TRON-JA-307020. Work continued on Tron until 1982, but when the program was almost complete, Alan discovered that his access to Tron and the ENCOM computers had been suspended as a security measure against a hacker, who turned out to be Kevin Flynn. Due to this suspension, Tron was held captive under Sark and the MCP, and forced to play gladiator video games on the Game Grid, winning battles with up to four enemy programs at once and gaining a reputation as a program who fought for the users.

Meeting with ENCOM's then Senior Executive Ed Dillinger in a bid to regain access to his program, Alan explained how Tron worked:

Dillinger asked if Tron was part of the MCP; Alan denied it, and added that the program could "watchdog the MCP as well." Privately, the MCP scolded Dillinger for allowing Tron to be developed, since its illegal appropriations were exactly the kind of activity Tron had been created to combat.

Flynn and Alan conspired with Lora to break into ENCOM so that Tron could be unleashed to shut the MCP down and release evidence of Dillinger's perfidy. During the ensuing hacking attempt, Flynn was digitized by the MCP, who ordered him thrown into the same gladiator video games that Tron was trapped in. Tron was astonished and suspicious when Flynn called him by his user's name, but Flynn gained his trust by claiming to be a program from a user who knew Alan and revealing that he too was out to destroy the MCP.

Tron lightcycle

Tron, Flynn, and another conscript, Ram, were forced to play a gladiator game of light cycles against three programs from Sark's army. Tron's first gambit caused one of the programs to crash into a wall of the game grid, leaving a deep fissure in the wall. While he and Ram systematically entrapped another enemy, Flynn used the hole to break out of the confines of the game, leading Tron and Ram in a wild flight from pursuing tanks and recognizers until they were able to hide out in a canyon, recharge, and locate their next destination.

To destroy the MCP and change the system, Tron needed data from his user, "Alan-One" (Bradley), to be encoded on his identity disc. He could sense Alan's summons from the canyon, but to communicate with him, he would need to reach an I/O Tower whose use by programs was strictly forbidden by the MCP. While on the way to the I/O Tower, the three conscripts were spotted by one of the pursuing tanks, which fired, hitting Flynn and Ram's light cycles. When Tron looked back to see if they were still alive, there was no trace of life and no response. Upset with the loss of his friends, Tron evaded the rest of the tank armada and continued toward the I/O Tower.

Yori tron escape2

Before reaching the Tower, Tron made a detour to free Yori, his lover; her friendship with the Tower Guardian, Dumont, got him the time he needed to communicate with Alan-One. His conversation with his user was brief and characteristically task-oriented, but left him rejoicing with the information he needed to destroy the MCP. Dumont was captured by Sark, but Tron escaped with Yori by stealing a Solar Sailer simulation and flying it towards the heart of the ENCOM system, where the MCP was located.

While traveling towards the MCP, Tron was reunited with Flynn, who had survived the tank attack after all. Tron was delighted to see him alive, but grieved that Ram had not made it through as well. He introduced Flynn to Yori, but was dismayed by Flynn's interest in her resemblance to Lora.

As the Solar Sailer progressed, Flynn thwarted an attempt by the MCP and Sark to stop it from reaching its destination, and was revealed to be a user. Tron, sceptical, asked him if everything he'd done so far had been according to a plan; Flynn laughed at the idea, and Tron found it strange to think that users could control their own lives as little as programs could.

Sark finally rammed his carrier into the Solar Sailer, derezzing it. In the chaos, Tron was cut off from Yori and Flynn, who were flung into a landing bay of the Carrier, slated to be derezzed along with the ship when Sark disembarked to bring Dumont and his other prisoners to the MCP.

Unbeknownst to Sark, Tron had survived the crash, clinging to the outside of the carrier; unaware of Flynn and Yori's predicament, he hung on to the skin of its escape pod as it traveled from the derezzing carrier to the MCP's vast mesa. Sark's lieutenant remained with the pod to guard it, but Tron waited until Sark had left with his prisoners, killed the soldier with a disc throw from his hiding place, and then followed.

Tron's presence distracted the MCP from its attempt to absorb Dumont and the other Tower Guardians. Sark, dispatched to deal with the warrior on the mesa, recognized Tron, and the two dueled with their identity discs, avoiding the crevasses in the mesa while attempting to catch one another off guard. Sark taunted Tron, calling him a slave and at the same time criticizing him for not joining him, as they "would have made a great team." With one mighty throw, Tron smashed Sark's disc in half, dealing a mortal wound to Sark's head; as Sark fell, dying, Tron raced past him into the MCP's citadel.


Deprived of his protector, the MCP channeled all of his functions into reviving Sark, summoning him repeatedly as Tron threw his disc at the weak point his user had designated. At first, Tron's disc was unable to penetrate the MCP's shields, and he was further beleaguered as Sark - enormous and invulnerable due to the MCP's power - appeared and attempted to squash him.

Seeing Tron's plight, Flynn, who had preserved himself and Yori due to his user abilities and was approaching on the deck of Sark's half-derezzed carrier, jumped into the citadel's beam, disorienting both the MCP and the giant Sark enough for Tron to cast his disc through the shields. Tron watched the MCP derez, and guided Dumont and the other Tower Guardians away from the mesa just before its citadel exploded. Yori and Tron reunited and shared a kiss (which Tron found both pleasing and surprising, since kissing had not been customary for programs), and stood with Dumont to watch the system restore itself and all of the I/O Towers light up again.[1]

TRON: Betrayal 1983-1989

1445751-tron b

Tron Upgraded

During this time, Tron was upgraded and copied over to Flynn's personal server in order to help protect the Grid, and had a city named in his honor. He was also present when the ISOs began emerging. When Clu gradually started to effect his rule over the Grid, Tron became suspicious of his friend's actions and - on at least one occasion - managed to save a program that had been defeated in the games from being derezzed on Clu's orders.[2]

TRON: Evolution (PSP)

Tron Evolution Art Chris Glenn 02a

In 1985, Tron tested a new Light Cycle written by Kevin Flynn, where he raced with other programs also riding the same Light Cycle Tron was testing. Beta, one of the programs who competed with Tron during the race, stuck with Tron after the race ended, Tron communicated with Flynn after the race ended while Beta watched them communicate. Flynn introduced Beta to Tron, who became Tron's apprentice, and at the request of Flynn, Tron organized a game tournament while also training Beta, who would compete with Tron and other programs in the Game tournament. Tron often congratulated and wished Beta good luck for making it to rounds until he eventually won against Clu 2 in the Championship game.[3]

Trouble in the ISO district

Tron and Dyson

Tron and Dyson.

During 1989, Tron and his team of security programs went to prevent discrimination in an ISO district. As Tron was disciplining the Basics, an Identity Disc from the ISO crowd killed a basic. The basics blamed the ISOs and preceded to derezz the ISOs despite Tron and his team's efforts of trying to keep the basics away from harming the ISOs. During the ensuing chaos however, Tron's long time friend, Dyson, was struck with an Identity Disc to his face, which scarred him and left him unconscious as Tron shouted to him.

Tron and Dyson later awaited the arrival of Flynn and as they patiently waited, Dyson started ranting about the ISOs to Tron, which in his response, Tron told him to stay on duty. After Clu and Flynn arrived, Flynn confidently stated that the ISOs were the key to something big and in response, Tron stated that there had been more unrest.[4]


Abraxes Virus

Tron greets Anon

At an unknown time, Tron went to prevent a trio of Sentries and a Recognizer from derezzing the prototype system monitor program named Anon. Tron pursued them in a Light Cycle chase and when he had finally gotten to the final sentry in the Outlands, they fought in a disc battle which resulted in the sentry being derezzed. Afterwards, Tron greeted Anon after he Rezzed.


Tron assisted Anon to prevent the system-wide infection by the viral program Abraxas. When the virus attacked the ceremony of peace between ISOs and Basics, Tron arrived just as Anon fended the virus off. After a brief discussion about Abraxas, Tron decided that Kevin should leave the Grid, due to it being too dangerous. Deciding that he would escort Flynn to the portal, Tron ordered Anon to track down the virus, promising to return and assist him after Flynn was back in the real world. Then on the way to the portal, Tron and Flynn were attacked by Clu. After telling Kevin to run, Tron was forced to fend off Clu's elite Black Guard. During the conflict, Tron acquired one of the guard's identity discs and proceeded to use this in tandem with his own to help finish the fight. He then turned to Kevin who had fallen under attack from Clu. Tron attacked Clu, buying time for Kevin to escape, but ultimately fell to a blow from Clu's identity disc. With Tron out of commission, Anon was forced by the circumstances of the situation to take up his superior's duties.[5]


Screenshot 2023-01-11 6.21

Tron was scarred by Clu, and laid on the street in which he fought the Black Guards. As he laid, injured, he exclaimed that Clu had failed, though Clu revealed that it was Tron he was truly after, as without him, Flynn would fall and Clu would rise before Dyson came out of the corner and stood beside Clu. Tron tried to tell Dyson that Clu had betrayed them, though he defended Clu and stated that Flynn betrayed them instead. After speaking, Clu once again wounded Tron with his disc, causing him to yell in agony.[6]

Tron was by captured by his former friend, Dyson. Severely damaged and imprisoned along with programs who were repurposed by Clu, Tron was spared as Dyson wanted him to join Clu willingly. For this he tortured him, severely injuring his code. His torture caused the sympathy of one of the guards, Cyrus. When Tron was to be carried on a recognizer, Cyrus caused an explosion and the recognizer fell in the Outlands, allowing Tron to escape.[7]


Tron is resuced by Cyrus.

Tron went into hiding in the Outlands near Argon City. Tron's sudden disappearance led most programs on the Grid to believe that he was derezzed in the crash, and Clu encouraged this rumor, using Tron's apparent demise as leverage in his takeover of the Grid. Tron meanwhile kept watch from his hideout, using a device of his own to keep his injuries at bay, but was unable to enter action himself.[8] Tron trained his savior, Cyrus, to fight and become a renegade but Cyus grew insane and believed the only way to free the Grid was to destroy it, Tron found out his plan however, and with the help of Able, he managed to imprison him.[9][10]



After a young program named Beck rebelled against General Tesler drew Tron's attention, and, disguised with red circuits and a jet black helmet, Tron tracked down the young program and took him under his wing. Tron interrogated the young program in a darkened training room, and under the name of Rinzler, and after Beck escaped from the handcuffs Tron placed him in, he bravely fought against him until Tron revealed his survival to Beck. Unable to lead a revolution himself due to the injuries he had sustained, he wanted Beck to become his successor as protector of the Grid. Initially skeptical, Beck agreed and, under Tron's guidance, began the training that would set him on a path to "become the next Tron."[11]

Tron from Renegade part 1

Tron trained Beck by riding with him in the Outlands. Tron jumped over a chasm, though Beck fell short and hung onto the edge of a cliff, but he was luckily saved by Tron, who told Beck that the issue was that he hesitated, thus the reason for him not being able to jump over the chasm like him.[12]

Tron in Lightboat

Tron was later informed by Beck of his failure to his failure to save his new found friend, Cutler, though Tron informed Beck that Cutler wouldn't be derezzed until the next cycle, allowing Beck to have enough time to rescue Cutler.

Tron eventually had to abandon his hiding for a second time coming with a Submersible to assist Cutler's escape.[13]


Tron trained with Beck once more in a simulation where he had to save some prisoners on a Recognizer, but after Beck's emotions got the better of him, Tron criticized him for doing so, as well as criticizing him for being derezzed. As Tron was about to start another simulation, Beck started to disagree with Tron about his secret identity, though Tron protested to this, stating the negative consequences of doing so and immediately attempted to start another training simulation. This simulation was interrupted by a blackout just as Tron was about to start it however, which confused both Beck and him about what it was.

Tron and Beck from Blackout

This blackout occurred numerously throughout Argon City, which caused Beck and Tron to investigate the source of where they came from. Upon finding it, Tron complained about it, though they moved to a lower position as a Recognizer hovered towards the drill causing the blackouts, nearly being caught. Tron informed Beck of the drill, which was going to produce an explosion that would destroy Argon, Tron made a plan to stop the drill, which was by going through the tunnels and planting a bomb on the drill, but Beck informed Tron of the danger of doing so, as the Argon race was starting. In response, Tron commanded Beck to hurry immediately in order to stop the drill.

After Beck's plan in stopping the drill proved successful, General Tesler gave a speech about the Renegade to the citizens of Argon as Tron and Beck watched from above. As they witnessed the crowd cheer, Tron told Beck "If we prevail in this conflict, they'll understand." before walking away.[14]

Trip to Purgos

Tron modifying his suit

After Beck lost his identity disc, Tron prepared to take Beck to Purgos in order to find his identity disc by giving him a fake disc in order to not be identified as a stray, as well as wearing an almost-completely black light suit in order to not be spotted in public. When Beck sorrowed over his failure, he acknowledged the fact that Tron didn't feel sympathy for him, though Tron was more focused on retrieving Beck's disc rather than caring about his sorrow.

Beck and a masked Tron

Beck and Tron drove to Purgos and headed to a shop which he believed had stolen discs, once they got there however, the owner of the shop, Kobol, denied being in possession of any discs when questioned by Tron. Tron and Beck left the shop and headed to an alley way in which they were supposed to meet up with Kobol, as Tron explained what glitches were to Beck, Tron immediately realized that they were being followed by thugs and informed Beck, once more thugs appeared however, Tron tried to reason with them, but instead of leaving, they fought the two. As Tron and Beck fought, they were saved by a Siren named Lux, who would guide them throughout Purgos.

At a club, Tron noticed a program who was awfully interested in Beck, and once Tron informed Beck of it, he immediately identified him as the program who stole his disc. The three followed Galt into a restroom and interrogated him, but as he revealed Beck's identity, he was stabbed killed by a masked Kobol, causing Tron, Beck, and Lux to pursuit him a Light Cycle chase throughout Purgos. After Beck had his second glitch and crashed into a Light Ribbon, they brought him to Lux's place and during their time there, Tron observed Galt's disc to find anything related to the absence of Beck's disc, Beck started having another glitch, and upon realizing this, Tron tried to keep Beck's memory intact, but he was immediately electrocuted by Lux, Kobol entered the room and after seeing Tron's unconscious body, he repeated what he had said to him earlier. After Tron awoke, he tried to warn the now amnesiac Beck of Kobol's plan to turn him into the military, though Beck denied this, causing Tron to continue convincing Beck of Kobol and Lux, which annoyed Kobol into almost derezing Tron. After Beck and Kobol left, Tron tried to convince Lux that her life was in danger due to Kobol, though Lux denied this, but was eventually convinced, allowing Tron to be freed by her.

Tron black suit

Tron fought Kobol at the beacon, and got the upper hand, but as he was about to derez him, Beck pointed a Stun Pike towards Tron's head,to which Kobol commanded Beck to kill Tron. Tron unmasked himself, relying on Beck's inner nature and arguing that even without his memories, Beck remembers his memories. Tron, now regretting not calling Beck a friend, explained why he didn't call him his friend before falling, Tron soon got back up and threw Beck's disc to him as took it from him, causing him to remember all of his memories. After Kobol was derezzed by Lux, she ran toward Beck and Tron and was astonished by Tron's survival, Lux handed her disc, along with Kobol's, to them, and she sacrificed herself in order for them to escape. As Beck tried to stop her however, Tron held him and explained to Beck what her motive was.

Both Tron and Beck later laid Lux's disc in a power spring somewhere in the Outlands, Tron explained the reason as to why he was being resentful towards Beck was due to a friend betraying him a long time ago.[15]


Tron assigned Beck on a mission to steal a valuable data cube.

Beck later returned to Tron and told him of his time with Paige on an island, impressing Tron with the fact that Beck saved an enemy, as well as appreciating him for doing so.[16]

Tron warns Beck of Power weapon

After Beck brought Tron the Power upgrade weapon, Tron examined it, though was disappointed that Beck didn't bring the creator of the weapon, Shaw, alive. Tron warned Beck of the weapon and advised him to destroy the weapon.

Tron was furious once he found out that Beck didn't destroy the weapon, and he berated him for doing so. Tron also warned Beck of the weapon, and decided to destroy the weapon himself due to Beck's hesitance to do so, Beck fought against Tron once he tried to confiscate the weapon from however, and he almost derezzed him while doing so. Once Beck realized his mistake, Tron explained to him why he had chosen him to become the renegade.[17]

Tron and Beck in The Reward

Tron and Beck both watched from above as Tesler advertised the reward he would gift the citizens of Argon for capturing the Renegade. Tron wanted to still keep fighting against Tesler's forces despite what was going on, though Beck decided to stop being the renegade for the time being, which Tron decided to defer to Beck. Beck later returned to Tron in his Safehouse, to which Tron made a sarcastic remark upon his return.[18]

Revenge on Dyson

At his Safehouse, Tron was alerted of a ship, which had entered Argon. Upon identifying the program commanding the ship, Tron was shocked to discover that Dyson was the one boarding the ship. This event heavily affected Tron, submerging him in a rage that caused his scars to grow.

Tron and Beck discuss the plan

Tron and Beck eventually investigated Dyson's arrival and devised a plan to capture him. Beck had acknowledged the fact that Tron's scars were getting worse, to which Tron sarcastically pretended to not notice before reminiscing of the event which led up to Dyson disfigurement. The two returned to the safe house where Tron trained Beck in a simulation in which he fought Dyson, Tron made Beck practice in this simulation four times, and upon making him train in the simulation for the fifth time, Beck defeated Dyson, though Tron demanded Beck to derezz him, which Beck was reluctant to do.

Tron two discs

Beck eventually offered to obtain Dyson's disc, though Tron demanded Beck to not return to the safe house until he had returned with Dyson himself. When Beck did return, without Dyson, Tron was angry and scolded him. Beck attempted to stop Tron as he was leaving to try and kill Dyson, though Tron cared little about Beck's worries, and promptly electrocuted him and stole one of the split disc and connected it with his own. Carelessly saying "I didn't ask for your permisson."[4]

Tron in white suit

Afterwards, Tron drove to the location in which Dyson was currently at, but was intervened by Beck, who was trying to stop Tron from killing Dyson. Despite Beck's attempted intervention, Tron was able to rid Beck temporarily before finally making it to his location. Beck soon found Tron at the cooling plants, and upon realizing Beck had caught him, he sarcastically remarked "I guess I should congratulate you." Despite Beck following him, Tron still decided to try and kill Dyson, before doing so however, he fought Beck and handcuffed him to the railing of a bridge they were standing on. The handcuffs were expected to unlock after Dyson's death, and Beck was out of reach of his disc due to Tron throwing it to the structure of a cooling plant, bowing to finish his self-appointed mission, Tron left as Beck begged Tron to not let the revolution end before it had a chance to start, Tron ignored this however, instead more focused on killing Dyson.

Tron white suit masked

After Dyson had seen four lights resembling Tron's insignia, when he approached these lights however, they turned out to be nothing more than Light Grenades, which detonated, catching Dyson off guard. There after, Tron, in his disguise, fought Dyson.

Dyson merely believed Tron to be the Renegade himself until Tron revealed himself to Dyson, horrifying Dyson as he believed Tron to be dead. As Tron stalked closer to the now fearful Dyson, Dyson tried to persuade Tron into joining Clu's army, Tron declined, and he eventually cornered Dyson. Realizing he had nowhere else to go, Dyson attempted to attack Tron with a shard, though Tron threw Dyson to the floor and held him up, preparing to Derez him.

As Tron vengefully looked at Dyson and prepared to Derez him, he reminisced about the time in which Cyrus saved him, which had echoed something Beck said earlier. "I can't let the revolution end before it has a chance to start." Upon remembering this phrase, Tron dropped Dyson to the floor and told him to deliver a message, this message visually being "Tron Lives." After the fight, Tron went back to healing his scars in the healing chamber and acknowledged Tron's desire with Beck as well as apologizing.[7][8]

Alliance with Able

Tron met Able in the snowing parts of the Outlands, Tron and Able both argued about the utilization of Beck for the uprising. As they gave their criticisms however, a swarm of Gridbugs infested Able's tent, provoking Able to pull out his Identity Disc, confusing Tron until he realized the true threat via Able telling him. The two fought the countless Gridbugs until Able grew an idea to blow up the tent and escape before it was destroyed, Tron agreed with this idea and he bursted out of the tent with Able by driving his Snowmobile, as the tent exploded, killing all of the Gridbugs, Tron exclaimed he'd choose the location the next time him and Able met.[19]

TRON 2.0 2003

Tron 20 Killer App-s0-thumb

Tron in TRON 2.0: Killer App (Game Boy Advance)

Tron does not make an appearance in TRON 2.0; however, he is mentioned on several occasions. During Jet's search for the missing Tron Legacy Code e-mail fragments, a message from Kevin Flynn to Alan Bradley stated that Tron would have to be "shelved" after the request for an upgrade on their digitization research was denied.[20] The Legacy Code was originally intended to be an upgrade of Tron, so the program could better maintain the Game Grid and keep the arena free of unauthorized users. When a high-level compiler for the Tron Legacy Code asked Jet where Tron was, Jet responded by saying that Tron was "retired."[21]

TRON 2.0: Killer App (Game Boy Advance)

TRON Wiki - TRON Killer App Cutscene 9a1

Some time earlier, Tron (presumably version 2.0) was called back into the fray when a mysterious and powerful virus attacked the ENCOM systems. Upon awakening from stasis, he was accompanied by a Bit, and met Mercury, a Game Bot. Tron bravely fought off the intruder before going back to stasis afterwards, never to be heard of again.[22]

TRON: Legacy 2010

Main article: Rinzler
Rinzler 2

Sinking into the Sea of Simulation

By 2010, Tron had been recaptured and repurposed, serving Clu under the new name of Rinzler, with twin identity discs, his former dark disguise, red circuits, and only the familiar "T" insignia on his suit hinting at his true identity. However, Rinzler still retained his original prowess in combat and driving. While little was apparently left of his old personality, he was still as determined as his original programming. As Rinzler, Tron served as Clu's enforcer and right-hand man, and was the final, unbeatable opponent conscripts were forced to face when thrown into the Games.

Remnants of his former memories made him recognize Sam's blood as a sign of a User. Pursuing Sam, Quorra, and a now-elderly Kevin Flynn across the Grid, he was recognized by Flynn, who had long presumed that Tron was dead. He captured Quorra, but was defeated by Sam, and, together with Clu, took up the pursuit again when the three escaped in a stolen Light Jet. During the ensuing dogfight, a flight over their jet brought him briefly face to face with Flynn, and he began to overcome Clu's programming, experiencing flashbacks and disorientation, finally becoming Tron once again.

Finally, regaining some part of his former self, Rinzler growled that he fought for the Users and made a partially successful attack on his former master that demolished both their light jets and left them both falling over the Sea of Simulation. He was attempting to activate a new light jet from his extra baton when Clu wrestled the baton away and used it to escape, leaving Rinzler to plunge into the Sea. Rinzler's red circuitry cut out briefly, but reactivated with its earlier white glow as he sank out of view.

TRON: Identity

On a new Grid created by Kevin Flynn in order to hide the ISOs, a few of them created a group based on the work of Tron, dubbing themselves the Disciples of Tron or DoT for short.[23]

Other Appearances


Tron in Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II


Xbox Live Marketplace

Tron's original costume from the 1982 film, as well as his new suit from TRON: Evolution, appear as costumes for avatars in the Xbox Live Marketplace. The two outfits are both $2.99.

TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids

Tron battle grid

Tron in TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids

Tron appears in the non-canon video game, TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids. In 1988, Castor brings the ISO champion to Tron and after meeting him, Tron fights the player in order to see if they're championship material. After winning the disc game, Tron and his friend Calchas support the ISO champion, while Tron explains the game tournament to him. After Calchas is derezzed during a light cycle race against Blaze, the ISO Champion goes to Tron's palace in order to inform him of the bad news and after learning of Calchas' death, he encourages the ISO champion to beat Blaze in the game tournament for Tron and Calchas, but primarily for the ISOs to have a hero. Tron is later informed by Castor about Quorra's kidnapping by Blaze, and he shows up to watch the ISO champion's Light Cycle battle against Blaze with Castor, and after winning the race, Tron congratulates him.

Blaze attempts to unsuccessfully derez the ISO champion and after failing to do so, he is restrained by two System Monitors who take him away at the request of Tron.

Tron (Uprising) in TRON RUN r

Tron, in his suit from TRON: Uprising, in TRON RUN/r.


Tron in his original outfit, and in his appearance in TRON: Uprising, appears as playable characters in TRON RUN/r. Like all playable characters in this game, the color of his circuitry is interchangeable.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode


Tron in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Tron is an unlockable character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, he is unlocked with 30 Tron chips and his star level is 2. Tron also appears in this game using his outfit from the original 1982 TRON film, and his skills consist of:

  • I/O Barrier: Tron removes all active buffs from enemies and deals to all enemies. Tron summons a light barrier, applying 2 stacks of hardy to himself.
  • Distributed Process: At the start of each wave, Tron summons a light barrier on the front most ally which applies 2 stacks of hardy to them. Tron and his allies receive  skill power per stack of hardy they each have on them. Tron regenerates 1 stacks of hardy every 8seconds on the frontmost ally.
  • System Patch: Tron heals himself and the ally with the least HP for HP.
  • Firewall: After 3 stacks of hardy block a debuff for an ally,  damage is dealt to nearby enemies and they are stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Shielded in Light: "I/O Barrier" also applies 1 stacks of hardy to all allies below 25% of their max HP up to a maximum of 3 stacks of hardy. Adding stacks has a chance to fail on allies above level

Tron's friendships also consist of:

FG Tron artwork

Tron in Fall Guys

Fall Guys

Tron appears as a playable avatar in Fall Guys using his original suit from the 1982 film. Tron was added into the game in May 24, 2021.

Disney Mirrorverse

Tron guardian Disney Mirrorverse

Tron in Disney Mirrorverse

Tron appears with a more modernized outfit in the mobile game, Disney Mirrorverse. In this game, Tron is a Ranged Guardian of the Mirrorverse who goes by the names, TRON-JA-307020, and World Network Enforcer. Tron's abilities consist of:

  • Identity Discs: Tron's Heavy Attack deals 150% Damage and ricochets to hit multiple enemies. [Max Ricochets: 2] On Basic Attacks, Tron has a 50% chance to gain a 20% Focus Buff for 8 seconds. [Max Ricochets: 4] Heavy Attack Critical Hits apply a -10% Defense debuff for 10 seconds.
  • Bit Swarm: Tron releases a swarm of Bits, dealing 300% Damage to all enemies. Each enemy takes an additional 50% Damage for each Attribute Debuff on them. [Max Stacks: 5] All allies are Cleansed of 1 Attribute Debuff.
  • Network Protection Protocols: If a hit from Tron's Heavy Attack is not Critical, all ricochet hits from that Heavy Attack have +50% Critical Chance. When Tron is the only Guardian in combat, he gains +10% Attack Buff and his Heavy Attack has a 50% chance to inflict Knockback on enemy targets.

General information

Personality and traits

Tron's personality is that of a determined warrior, willing to do anything for the users and for the freedom of his fellow programs. He is usually serious and task-focused and has a deep reverence towards users, especially his own user, Alan-One. Tron displays a particularly high loyalty to Kevin Flynn, who is both his friend and a user. Tron bravely stood his ground against a superior number of soldiers, including Clu, to protect Flynn.

Skills and abilities

Tron possesses unparalleled skill within the computer world - so much that even Commander Sark expressed a degree of professional respect for him, despite otherwise viewing him as a slave - and is a master at all of the Game Grid gladiator games, especially Disc Wars and Light Cycles. Tron easily defeated four of the MCP's game programs in the Disc Wars game and later engaged Sark in solo combat on his way to help fight the MCP, ultimately dealing Sark a lethal blow.

Tron also has the ability to remove the effects of the MCP's brainwashing, as shown when he successfully restored Yori to her normal self. His complete topographic understanding of the system makes him a master tactician and effective leader.


Tron battles the Black Guard with two identity discs

Tron's abilities include complete mastery of his identity disc, which allowed him to quietly snipe Sark's Lieutenant. After he was copied to the Tron system, he initially used his identity disc and two batons. Later, Tron acquired a second disc from one of Clu's Black Guards and redeveloped his combat style to employ both discs together.

In TRON: Legacy, Tron was shown to still be an excellent fighter as he took on four Clu's elite Black Guards and defeated them with ease. Repurposed as Rinzler, he lost none of his deadly skill, fighting with two identity discs instead of one. He was also able to read the energy traces of footprints by placing his hand on the floor of the Grid, an ability shared by security programs such as Dyson.

In TRON: Uprising, Tron resented no longer being able fight as well as he used to, due to extensive injuries that repeatedly opened again unless he was able to constantly access a healing chamber. Despite this, Tron was a skillful and deadly fighter, able to dodge Beck's attacks with both his hands behind his back and roundly defeat one of Clu's top enforcers. It is also worth noting that Tron took a direct hit from Clu's identity disc but survived. However, his need for a constant power source and regular access to a healing chamber - without which he would derez - prevented him from being able to retake the Grid himself.


In 1982, Tron was in a relationship with Yori, a program responsible for digitization and simulation supervising. The romance was mirrored in the real world, as Yori's user Lora was in a relationship with Tron's user Alan; the two users ultimately married, but Yori's whereabouts as of 2010 are unknown.

Behind the scenes

Tron is portrayed by actor Bruce Boxleitner, the same actor that plays Alan Bradley, Tron's user. At first, Boxleitner (raised in the mid-west and usually performed in Western roles on television) was hesitant about playing a computer program until he found out that Jeff Bridges was signed for the movie. He also signed on due to the fact that this was his first feature film.


Tron was originally conceived as part of a demo video for Steven Lisberger's new Boston-based animation studio, and was later sold to a radio station for a TV advertising campaign. In the video, a luminescent character hurled two frisbee-like discs out at the viewer, and caught them on their return in an anthropomorphic tribute to Pong. This character was named "Electronic Man", from which was drawn the nickname "Tron". It was generated entirely using an animation-masking technique that caused selected areas of the screen to glow vividly and brightly, a method for which Lisberger had a particular affinity. The character of Tron was subsequently incorporated into Lisberger's vision of a heroic defender of freedom living inside a digital world. It wasn't until after the movie that he found out that programming languages such as BASIC used a debugging command called TRON which literally meant "Trace On" - and allowed the programmer or user to watch code execute.

The 1982 Bally Midway coin-operated video arcade TRON's ending credits show the term: TRON, "To Run On Nothing", as the last line of the credits when the user completes all 12 levels of the game.


  • Tron shows signs of left-handedness, as the actor portraying him, Bruce Boxleitner, is left-handed.
  • In the new Grid, Tron has expert-class privileges in Light Cycle, Light Tank, and Recognizer operation.

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