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Tricia Janine Helfer
Date of birthApril 11, 1974
Place of birthDonalda, Alberta, Canada
Character(s)Voice of the Grid

Tricia Helfer is a Canadian model and actress best known for playing the humanoid Cylon Number Six in Ronald D. Moore's re-imagined Battlestar Galactica television series. She voices the Grid in TRON: Uprising.


Helfer was born in the rural community of Donalda in Stettler County, Alberta. She was raised by Dennis and Elaine Helfer on the family's grain farm with her sister Tammy, and was discovered by modeling agency scout Kelly Streit at age 17 while standing in line at a local movie theatre. Helfer is of German, English, Swedish and Norwegian descent.


Helfer has a long and successful career in modeling, including her 1992 winning of Ford Models' Supermodel of the World Contest, appearing in ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Versace, Chanel, and Giorgio Armani, and walking or top fashion shows such as Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Claude Montana, Givenchy, John Galliano, and Dolce & Gabbana. She retired from modeling in 2002, and later hosted Canada's Next Top Model.

She relocated to Los Angeles in 2002 to pursue a full-time film career, and her first acting assignment was a co-starring role as Sarah on the television series Jeremiah. She has appeared in CSI, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, and other shows, including a recurring role on Two and a Half Men. She has also had a number of major video game voice roles in such games as Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Halo 3: ODST, Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat X (replacing Dana Lynn Baron), and the StarCraft and Mass Effect series.

Personal LifeEdit

During an interview in 2012 she confirmed that she had dated Sylvester Stallone when she was 18. She is married to Johnathan Marshall, a lawyer whom she met at a mutual friend's birthday party.

She has four artificial discs in her back and two in her neck, resulting from an incident in which a piece of luggage was dropped on her head while sitting on a commercial airliner, and two in her lower back from mishaps while doing her own stunts.

She co-founded the charity web site "Acting Outlaws" with Katee Sackhoff, which is open for donations for different causes and charity events. She is also involved in different charity events, from animal rescue to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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