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What is TR2N Origins?Edit

Tr2n Origins is an open-source free download multiplayer game loosely based on the Light Cycle scene in the Disney movie TRON. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and OpenBSD operating systems and is released under a GNU General Public License, making the game freeware.

Players drive around on a light cycle and a Jetwall is created behind them. The player cycle and jetwalls are available in a variety of vibrant colors. The basic object of the game is to make the other players crash into your wall without crashing into any other walls. The game features many game types such as Capture the Flag, Sumo, Fortress, Racing, Dogfight, and Rubber as well as shooting variations of many of these game types. Many games types feature a "wild" version, which is a collection of rotating maps with the particular play style for that game type. There are a variety of maps that can be played depending on the server. Players are able to change the appearance of the game with the moviepack (graphics) changer and fully customize their HUD in the video settings. Also, players can win badges for their profile by participating in challenges and events. Regular tournaments are held throughout the community and ladders for each server show after each match in game.

Game mode descriptionsEdit

  • Dogfight: Classical TRON-style where you use your tail to crash the other players, no zones. Some servers have instant respawn, some do not.
  • Fortress: Capture the enemy base and protect your own. This game is played with teams. The Wild fortress version features random rotating maps and settings.
  • Sumo: The object is to stay in a zone while trying to force the opponent out. Team sumo version features teams of two or more. Sumo Treasure Island features rotating maps and a hunt for the treasure for bonus points.
  • Race: Race to the win zone at the end of the map avoiding various obstacles along the way.
  • Capture the Flag: Capture the opponents' flag, and protect your own. Players respawn once they have died.
  • Capture The Flag Shooting: Capture the opponents' flag while shooting and player respawn once they have died.
  • High Noon: Shoot your opponents in the "Wild West" setting. Best used with the Wild West moviepack (graphic pack).
  • Tori Kumi: Features classic TRON-style in a sumo circle with higher rubber.

Project HistoryEdit

  • 2006: Manta, head programmer opened up the Wild West servers in Armagetron and experimented with server types.
  • August 2007: Wild West forum and tournaments began.
  • April 2008: The Wild West clan formed and dominated the Capture the Flag tournaments for 2 years.
  • July 2009: A group of developers fork from Armagetron and create TR2N Origins.
  • January 2010: The initial 0.4.2 version was released.
  • April 2010: Version 0.4.3 was released followed in May by version 0.4.4.

Present Day: Development continues with a new 0.4.5 release on the horizon.


  • A movie pack menu that allows you to pick one of 23 pre-installed movie packs with extra slots to put your own into the game. Changing the look is easy to do right in game in the graphics menu.
  • Bored with the same old cycle? Well, play the game on a jet-ski or other movie pack specific vehicles. Folders are easily found allowing for users to customize the moviepacks to their tastes.
  • The rubber meter can be reversed with the toggle switch in the HUD, so you can pick from the default TR2N rubber meter or use the classic rubber meter.
  • The rubber meter is part of the fully customizable HUD. You can easily move all of the control items to wherever you choose on the screen or turn them off; you can change their color and size as well. The game comes with 5 preset HUD's to make changing up the feel of the game quick and easy if you don't feel like customizing yourself.
  • Colors can be chosen using the new color picker. The tail and bike are chosen separately so you have the full range of vibrant colors for both items.
  • Like those "l33t" letters? using them in-game is simple, just press the chat key then alt. A menu comes up and gives you the key combo to put the letters into your name or into your chat in game.
  • Authentication is now optional, you can still authenticate but anonymous play is also allowed.
  • Tail transparencies have been addressed so the tails are not clear. Tails can be previewed in the player settings as you set your color, tail styles change with movie packs.
  • The menu was revamped with a control panel appearance and options to turn off music was added.
  • Want badges? The badge challenge system places your badges earned during challenges into your profile on the forum. Check out the profiles next time you are on the forum.
  • Many other technical developments went into the game with both servers and client to take a pro-active course against the issues that contribute to lag.

External LinksEdit

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