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A Tower Guardian is a program who guards and controls an Input/Output Tower. As custodians of the channels by which programs communicate directly with their users, Tower Guardians are regarded with reverence and respect.

Known Tower Guardians are Dumont from TRON and I-No from TRON 2.0. Additionally, in TRON: Evolution, programs similar to Tower Guardians are seen working at consoles in Cache Facility 6 in Tron City.

Appearance and Abilities[]

Tower Guardians resemble regular programs, though they generally appear older than most, and wear long robes and tight-fitting hoods, or tall headdresses and gloves when occupying their pods. They are typically spiritually inclined, and are known to recite formal invocations similar to prayers before allowing programs to pass into their towers.

From their pods at the entrance to their I/O Towers, Guardians have a significant amount of control over the surrounding architecture; they are able to raise force-fields over their Tower's doors and windows, secure enough to require a Logic Probe to breach them, and to cause their dais stairs to repel programs who attempt to pass without permission. Few programs would be disrespectful enough to attempt to force their way past a Guardian. However, Sark's guards were able to extract Dumont from his pod and thus capture him.