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The following is a timeline of the TRON Universe, which features both confirmed and unconfirmed dates within the canon of the franchise. Since the release of TRON: Legacy and its corresponding tie-ins as the official continuations of the events of TRON, the original timeline of the series has altered. TRON 2.0, the initial continuation of TRON, is classified as separate from the new timeline by director Joseph Kosinski.[1] As with all media dealing with transmedia or ARG content, conflicts and discrepancies in either TRON canon may arise as a result of developer or production oversight.

Timeline of TRON motion pictures and the Evolution games.

TRON Chronology[]


Walter Gibbs creates ENCOM (July 22nd)
ENCOM becomes the worlds leading computer companies.
Kevin Flynn, one of ENCOM's brightest software engineers, codes Space Paranoids, Matrix Blaster, Vice Squad and two other high profile video games.[2]
Ed Dillinger steals Flynn's programs and presents ENCOM with five video games that he claims as his own.[2]
Ed Dillinger gets promoted among the ranks of ENCOM. He is later given the position of Senior Executive V.P. in the company.[2]

Between 1978 and 1982[]

Unknown year dates
The Master Control Program, an administrative program that oversees ENCOM's mainframe, and its Game Grid, is developed.
Ed Dillinger, a programmer at ENCOM, secretly begins to write codes into the MCP that tells the program to steal functions from other programs.
Flynn is fired by Ed Dillinger.
Alan Bradley, a programming engineer, starts coding an independent security program (codename: "TRON") that monitors all contacts between ENCOM and other systems.
Flynn writes his best program yet (codename "Codefied Likeness Unit", or "CLU"), with the purpose of breaking into ENCOM's security systems.
Lora begins 'Matter Transform' tests using a laser that dismantles the molecular structure of objects in a process called digitization.


Flynn opens his own arcade, Flynn's (June 3rd).[3]
Flynn uses Clu to hack ENCOM's system. Periodically, he tries reading the different mainframe's memory modules to reconstruct the file he needs as solid evidence to prove he's the one who programmed the video games.[2]
The MCP has become 2,415 times smarter since Ed Dillinger wrote it.
Mr. Dillinger shuts down access to all Group-7 personnel. Alan is denied access to his Tron program (Sep. 22).
Lora, working together with Dr. Gibbs, finishes yet another 'digitizing' test. Her theory of a scanned U-V laser beam being superior to single pulse exposure is a success.
Flynn sets an all-time world record in 'Space Paranoids' with 999,000 points.[2]
Alan, Flynn and Lora use a terminal from within ENCOM to forge a Group-6 access to activate Tron and use it to shut the MCP down and retrieve Flynn's evidence.[2]
Flynn is digitized into the Game Grid by the MCP while trying to access the mainframe.[2]
Tron derezzes the MCP with Flynn and Yori's help.[2]
Kevin Flynn is reinstated as an employee of ENCOM and gets promoted as V.P. Creative Development.[2]
Flynn creates a new Grid to his own specifications.[4][5]
Lora Baines-Bradley resigns from ENCOM for a new job opportunity in Washington.[4]
Flynn creates Clu 2 to watch over the Tron system in his absences.[4][5]
Sam Flynn is born.[4]
The first ISO is compiled in the Sea of Simulation.[4]
The Grid begins to experience power failures.[6]
Beta is compiled and trained by Tron to compete in the Game Arena.[7]
Flynn conceives the idea of wireless networks, years ahead of their time.[5]
Flynn publishes a book on "a digital frontier that will reshape the human condition."[8]
Jordan Canas, architect for Hydecker Designs and Flynn's wife, dies in a car accident[5][9][10]
Flynn retires from ENCOM to take care of Sam, leaving Alan in charge.[9]
ISOs are suspected of sabotaging sectors on the Grid.[9]
Clu 2 begins derezzing programs who lose in the Game Arena.[9]
Clu 2 "prevents" the Black Guard from poisoning the Sea of Simulation.[9]
November 1989
Flynn creates Anon, a System Monitor.[11]
Jalen, an ISO (and partner of Radia), receives an Disc upgrade from Clu 2. He is infected with a virus that transforms him into Abraxas[11]
Co-systems Administrator and ISO leader, Radia, is derezzed by Abraxas.[11]
Flynn is betrayed by Clu, and subsequently trapped in The Grid by him.[11]
Clu's minions apparently derez Tron (but they merely wound him)
Anon defeats Abraxas.[11]
Anon is derezzed after falling from Clu's warship, the Regulator.
Quorra is rescued in the Outlands by Flynn.[5][11]
In the real world, Flynn disappears. Sam is the official shareholder of ENCOM's stock[8]
Clu 2 commits mass genocide against the ISOs.[11]
The ISO Wars begin.[5][11][12]

TRON: Uprising[]

Dyson, a security program, betrays Tron for Clu 2 efforts against the ISOs[13][14]
An injured Tron escapes the repurposing facility and goes into hiding.[13][14]
General Tesler occupies Argon City.[15]
Beck is recruited by Tron to become a defender of the Grid.[15]
Supporters of "The Renegade" begin spreading word of Tron's survival.[16]
Scientist Keller reverse engineers agent designed to liberate controlled programs, to create a mind control module.[16]
Keller is derezzed by Tesler for her failures.[17]
The Renegade's reputation is diminished by accusations of acts of terrorism.[18]
Grandpa Flynn dies.[5]


Grandma Flynn dies.[5]
December 2010
Resistance fighter, Bartik is injured during an attempt to rescue renegade programs from captivity[19]
Sam infiltrates ENCOM and releases ENCOM OS-12 to the world, free of charge.[5]
Sam goes to investigate a pager message from Kevin Flynn received by Alan Bradley from Flynn's.[5]
Sam is digitized into Tron City and forced to participate in the games.[5]
Tron overrides Clu 2's repurposing; he fails to stop Clu 2 from reaching the Portal and is seeming lost to the Sea of Simulation.[5]
Flynn sacrifices himself to prevent Clu from entering the portal; both are derezzed in subsequent explosion.[5]
Sam emerges from the Grid accompanied by Quorra.[5]
Sam seizes control of ENCOM and names Alan Bradley as ENCOM's new chairman of the board.[5][20]

TRON 2.0 Chronology[]

Unknown Year[]

Unknown date
Kevin Flynn begins to seeing Dr. Arnspiger, unable to cope with the enormity of his experience on the Game Grid[21]


February 1982
Flynn begins to conceptualize the "TRON" arcade game.[22]
May 1982
Lora Baines marries Alan Bradley.
Lora announces her pregnancy, asks Kevin Flynn to be the godfather.[23]
December 1982
Jethro Eugene Bradley is born.[23]
Flynn announces Jet's birth to all ENCOM employees.[23]
October 1983
Alan and Flynn begin working on an upgrade for Tron.[24]
February 1984
Lora continues to experience problems with digitizing without MCP.[25]
August 1984
Flynn shelves the "Tron Legacy Code" project, citing its uselessness without the ability to digitize.[26]
March 1988
Lora creates Ma1a.[23]


June 1990
Flynn resigns from ENCOM.[27]
Gibbs Jr. is appointed Executive Vice President of the company.
October 1994
Lora is fatally wounded in digitizing bay at ENCOM by a digitizing laser misfire.[25]
Bedridden, Lora continues to record data for Ma2a before succumbing to her wounds. Jet is eleven at the time of his mother's death.[28][note 1]
June 1996
Ma2a begins to exhibits personality traits of Lora.[28]
March 1998
Jet's ill temperament begins to cause trouble problems at school.[29]
Jet is arrested after being caught hacking school computers.[29]
August 1998
Home problems dissuade Jet from coming home; begins staying out late.[29]
February 1999
Jet's school grades begin to suffer.[29]
October 1999
Flynn contacts Alan in regards to well being.[29]


May 2002
ENCOM Chief of Security, J.D. Thorne, is denied a promotion to Vice President of Corporate Security by Gibbs Jr.[30]
Thorne is hired out by Future Control Industries (FCon) for "Freelance work"[31]
June 2002
Alan helps Jet land a position in ENCOMs Games Division.[32]
Jet starts development on Space Paranoids 3D.[32]
August 2002
Alan solves the problem with the Correction Algorithms.[25]
December 2002
ENCOM suffers financial troubles under Gibbs Jr.'s tenure.[33]
Gibbs Jr. sells ENCOM to FCon.[34]
March 2003
Alan wins the Digital Pal Award for creating Ma3a.[35]
Jet turns down a Level Six position at ENCOM.[36]
Thorne is digitized into the ENCOM system without correction algorithms by FCon.[37]
His corrupted form breeds a viral personality that begins to effect the entire system.[38]
Alan is kidnapped by FCon executives, Seth Crown, Eva Popoff and Esmond Baza.[36]
Jet is digitized into the ENCOM sever by Ma3a to stop the spread of Throne's virus.[36][39]
Jet is forced to participate in the games by the Kernel; he is later rescued from the games by Mercury.[38]
Thorne's virus overwhelms the system; Kernel enforces a system reformatting.[40]
Mercury is erased by the system reformat.[40]
Jet locates the Tron Legacy Code on ENCOM's old server.[41]
Ma3a and Jet enter the Net to compile the Legacy Code. Ma3a is reprogrammed by the Legacy Code's flaw: the inability to differentiate rogue Users from authorized Users.[42]
Ma3a is captured by FCon.[43]
Alan is digitized into Thorne's server to test the functionality of the Correction Algorithms.[44][45]
Thorne is derezzed by the Kernel. The Kernel is defeated by Jet in Disc combat.[46]
Alan and Jet reacquire Ma3a and crash the server.[47]
The removal of the Correction Algorithms corrupts Crown, Baza and Popoff during digitization, creating a monstrous corruption.[48]
Jet, Alan and an earlier version of Mercury escape the FCon server before the crash. Jet destroys the FCon Monster, restoring Baza, Crown and Popoff to normal.[49][50]
September 2003[note 2]
Jet.exe, a back-up program of the original Jet Bradly, is created by the ENCOM server.
Jet.exe file is corrupted and creates a surreal reality wherein he believes he is the real Jet. He quits his job at ENCOM, distances himself technology. Attends therapy sessions with Dr. Arnspiger and is later "framed" for the murder of Alan[21]
Jet.exe combats his alter egos (Red Jet and Clarence) for control under the illusion he is battling the restored Master Control Program[21][51][52][53][54]
The real Jet Bradley works to fix the instability within the ENCOM server created by his digital footprint in the Real World.[55]
Jet learns his mother, Lora, was partially digitized and lives on in Ma3a.[55]
Jet.exe uses the Tron Legacy Code to reformat and save the deteriorating ENCOM sever.[55]

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  1. The e-mail concerning the similarities between Ma2a and Lora suggests that Lora's death was not immediate. There was some speculation among employees that Lora could've recorded a "vast [audio] library" for Ma2a from her deathbed.
  2. Page seven of issue #1 in TRON: The Ghost in the Machine confirms the series takes place six months after the events of TRON 2.0. Yet, on page eighteen, Alan's death in is dated April 19, 2006, suggesting that the events of 2.0 take place three years after the game's release in 2003. The latter was most likely an oversight on the part of writers Landry Walker and Eric Jones.


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