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Thorne's Corrupted Server
Geographical information
Points of Interest Perimeter Partition, Internal Partition, Chamber Core
Other information
Owners J.D. Thorne
Inhabitants Z-Lots, Rector Scripts
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON 2.0

Thorne's Corrupted Server is a location appearing in TRON 2.0. It was the location in which J.D. Thorne first appeared.

He began his viral outbreak from here, producing numerous Z-Lots and Rector Scripts for a deadly wave of corruption.

Thorne's Perimeter Partition[edit | edit source]

Unlike most servers, Thorne's was jagged and broken. Buildings were fragmented, the floors were split apart and slowly breaking away into the sea of corruption. The Kernel sent his Aide and a troop of ICP units to assault the server. They suffered heavy casualties and were reduced to only a handful of units. The Kernel's Aide made a message for a program to send to The Kernel. It goes...

Kernel, we are currently holding our position near the perimeter of the server's internal partition. Rector Scripts heavily populated the approach, and we lost numerous command posts-next line.

The server appears to have a set of controller programs, that prevent the virus from completely destroying all operating systems. Quite ingenious, actually-next line.
The controller programs protect the system memory, making it impenetrable-next line.
Awaiting your instruction-End of line.

The ICP's declared that Jet was no longer a threat to them, so they worked together. He was able to fight his way further into the system with assistance from the remnants of the ICP troop. He and the few ICPs left to fight assaulted the controller tower, battling wave after wave of Rector Scripts. The tower was destroyed. The Kernel arrived at the Partition and gave new orders to the ICPs. Then him and his Aide led the troop into a final attack on the next Partition.

Thorne's Internal Partition[edit | edit source]

Far more corrupted than the last sector, the Internal Partition has jagged floor tiles with neon green corrupted data shining out of them between the cracks. The ceiling had fragments floating away and showing the thundering sky above. There were uneven platforms with huge gaps between them. What were once structures were breaking apart and revealing intense viral corrosion, with the data slowing seeping from them.

In the center of the area, a large hole was shown with a bright light shining through it. Walking down the stairs next to the hole sends a program straight into the final area of the server: The core of Thorne's server.

Thorne's Chamber Core[edit | edit source]

The core was a massive green dome with many sharpened spires orbiting around it. A long green tube, connected to the hole in the previous area, wraps around the core and leads right into the chamber. The chamber floor was made of blocks, some were solid while others were transparent with breakable dark green columns holding the chamber up. The blocks on the ceiling were the same blocks that the floor was made of, only inverted. The sphere that housed the core was made up of pieces of solid rock, all tethered to each other by neon nets. The spires outside could be seen could be seen through those nets.

A high platform was holding Thorne and the Kernel. They were battling each other when Jet and Alan arrived. Thorne fell onto his knees and The Kernel began a fight against Jet. Once the Kernel was derezzed, Jet and Alan questioned Thorne before his death. Upon breaking down into pieces, the whole server began to fall. Jet and Alan escaped with the info they needed to enter the FCon server.

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