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The Digital Frontier, officially The Digital Frontier: Mapping the Other Universe, is a renowned book written in the mid 1980s by Kevin Flynn, who was the CEO of ENCOM at the time. The book presents many of his thoughts and observations about his Tron system and the programs that reside therein.

Book Jacket Description[edit | edit source]

What lies ahead in the digital age? What type of programming will be available to simplify and expedite our lives? Will that programming have intelligence? What is “artificial” intelligence? Will the use of it fundamentally change society and industry? Will it change basic human interaction? Will we allow more technology into our daily lives?

These are some of the questions that Kevin Flynn, renowned game designer and head of one of the largest software development companies on the planet poses in this new book that explores the possibilities of the digital frontier. “We stand at the precipice,” said Flynn recently at the international developer’s conference. “We can no longer afford to ignore the potential of merging artificially intelligent programing into increasingly complex human interaction.”

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Actual" copies of The Digital Frontier were given out as part of the Flynn Lives ARG. However, most of their pages were hollowed out so that clues to progress in the ARG could be concealed in the books, making them almost unreadable. However the few pages that were left complete revealed that the book was dedicated to Kevin's wife, Jordan, and his son, Sam. Also, on page 75 Kevin notes that "It might be possible to hack into a closed network by creating my own door... a BIG door." This is a reference to when he comments "Now that, is a big door," when breaking into ENCOM Tower in TRON.
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