Tank Universal is an TRON-themed tank game. In tank universal, you assume the role of a tank commander in a virtual computer world. Essentially, it's the blue guys versus the red guys in a battle for all out supremacy.

This game is available for purchase on Steam. A demo of the game is also available for free.[1]


The general gameplay in Tank Universal is very simple. You must capture the enemy's key from the center of their base, and take it back to the center of your base. The center of both teams' bases are guarded by deadly turrets. Upon taking the key back to your base, you eliminate the enemy from the area, and win the level. If your tank is destroyed in mid-mission, you are respawned in your home base. Here, you must call in a transport ship to carry you back onto the field of battle.


By destroying enemy turrets and tanks, you receive upgrade points which can be used to purchase new weapons, or upgrade the ones you have. Special upgrades can be used by pressing the corresponding function key. For example, pressing F1 activates the turbo boost upgrade.

Steam ReleaseEdit

On August 21, 2008, Tank Universal was released on Steam for $9.99 with Steam achievements. On August 25 and August 29, 2008, patches were released for Tank Universal through Steam.[2]


Reception for Tank Universal has been mostly positive. GameFocus gave Tank Universal 78% saying that it's "the love child of TRON and Battlezone". GameChronicles gave it an 81% calling it "quite addictive".


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