Tank Program
Tank Program
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorGreen
DescriptionRegular program appearance with green color and distinct helmet
Other information
FunctionsTank driver or gunner
Out of universe information
ActorCharles Picerni
Pierre Vuilleumier
Erik Cord

A Tank Program is a program that operates a Tank. The standard number of operators assigned per tank is three, although Clu, traveling alone with his Bit, was able to single-handedly operate his tank.

Tank programs appeared in TRON. Later, in TRON: Uprising, tanks in the Tron system were operated by sentries.


Tank programs are armored military programs with pale green circuitry. Their helmets are unusually bulky, with heavy visors, and have communications gear built into them. All tank programs seen in TRON were male.


Numerous tank programs were written by Kevin Flynn for his Space Paranoids game. Appropriated by the MCP, they were deployed by Sark to pursue and derez three conscripts -- Tron, Ram, and Flynn himself -- who had escaped from the Game Grid on stolen light cycles. Upon viewing the pursuit force, Flynn complained that he never should have written so many tank programs.

During the pursuit, one tank halted at the edge of a cliff. The tank right behind it, unable to stop in time, crashed into it and knocked it over the edge, derezzing it along with its crew. The remaining crews reported to Sark that the pursuit force was minus one tank, and continued the chase, along with every other game tank in the system.

After losing their targets for a time, a tank crew caught sight of the three light cycles exiting the canyons. The gunner program sighted and fired, derezzing a bridge just as the two rearmost light cycles crossed it. Seeing no movement among the debris, the tank operator reported two escaped units derezzed and continued to target and pursue Tron into the next sector, unaware that Flynn and a fatally wounded Ram had been left behind in the rubble.


  • While most MCP-loyal programs wear red circuitry, the green circuits worn by tank programs are a relic of a color-change that happened in later stages of the script.