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A Tank Arrow is a powerful burst of energy fired from a Light Tank, and used to destroy enemy programs. The color of the arrow depends on the circuitry of the controlling program: Hackers are yellow and patrol tanks are red.


A tank arrow is powerful enough to derezz a Light Cycle or to bring down a Recognizer in one carefully aimed shot, though aiming can be difficult and many arrows are often shot before the proper range is found and one of them hits its target. Tank arrows take out both Ram and Flynn's Light Cycles at one time by firing at a bridge as they cross it, and one hit was enough to destroy the Recognizer that Flynn would later repair and hijack. Tank arrows can also blast chunks out of system landscape, causing further hazards in the shape of flying debris.

Tank Arrow TE.png
A tank arrow from TRON: Evolution


Tank Arrows are featured in the TRON arcade game in which a player must destroy the enemy tanks while also dodging their blasts. Deresolution of all enemy tanks results in the player's success, while one hit from an enemy tank results in defeat.

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