What Cyrus Had DoneEdit

In this farewell, it seemed like it was all over, there was no blood, there was no alibis, there was no story to tell, just Beck drawing regret from a thousand lies: what happened in Price of Power, and a film called Maniac, as their were only few who knew the truth. But then, Tron became sick, and he was going to die! The death of Tron would mean that Disney would go crazy!!! Haven't you heard the phrase "Without Tron there would be no Toy Story"?! Anyway, guess what? Culter's back! I never thought he would show up again. He asked Beck to invite "Tron" to a rendezvous with other anti-Occupation programs. Beck, in his Renegade disguise, arrived at the meeting point, but discovered that Cutler has been "tamed" by Clu and the rendezvous was a trap. Beck, barely managing to escape in an aerial dogfight, was left with Cutler's assurance that Tron would eventually turn himself in because the recognizer contained a device which would clean up his code and cure him.

Meanwhile, Mara was refusing to believe Beck was innocent. It seemed there was no way to fix this, no way to clean the slate with the hands of uncertainty. But that was when the second command of all evil, Pavel, came! Clearly he seemed "devastated" by the loss of one of his co-stars. He chose to take the place over!!!!! To make matters worse... He cruelly derezzed the Bit when it objected. That made the programs rather upset. And Mara then knew, it was time to wash away what Cyrus had done.

So, anyway, Tron was concerned that the aid Cutler offered would not only remove the damaged code from his system, essentially curing him, but also turn him into one of Clu's monsterous pets. Beck came up with a plan to let the device cure Tron, but to rescue him before any repurposing could take place. Tron agreed to the plan and turned himself in. As Tron entered the repurposing chamber and it cleaned his code of the damage Dyson and Cyrus had caused, Beck struggled to infiltrate the recognizer in time, and broke the chamber in mid-edit; the plan worked and Tron was fully healed. In the ensuing battle, Beck revealed his identity to Cutler, who briefly managed to fight off his own repurposing—but only for a short time. Beck, unable to save his murderous former comrade, made the difficult choice of letting Culter die, and the super-recognizer fell from the sky after receiving critical damage.

When everyone saw that the Renegade was among the wreckage, Pavel wanted Beck dead, but Mara was beginning to think, and she realized things. It was time to start again, whatever pain may come: today this would end. She and many other programs protected Beck, and he finally forgave what he'd done in Price of Power, and what Elijah did in Maniac. But Clu was coming, along with many other villains, and the story ended. But the question is... when would it come back?