Sail Away, RenegadeEdit

One day in Argon City, somethin' weird was going down. Programs were in a panic! Programs were being killed! But not by the Occupation, but by the first renegade... CYRUS! He was on the loose! He was killing programs and blaming it all on Beck, and THE REAL BECK had to do something, but he was angry at Tron... and considered going AWOL! But then Cyrus began to cause trouble, trying to blow up places and mess up everything!!! Then, he kidnapped Zed, Mara, AND TRON! Beck and Able hurried to save them.

When Beck showed up at Tron's location, freeing him from the bomb, Cyrus showed up to gloat over the impossible choice he'd given the new Renegade, attacking them both and appearing to be winning—only to realize that Beck had used Bodhi's recoding tool to free him, sending Able to free Mara and Zed. Raging at the failure of his plan, Cyrus attacked again; Tron held him off while Beck went to help Able. As the fight continued, Tron and Cyrus appeared evenly matched in terms of skill, but Cyrus had the edge in strength and stamina, pinning Tron repeatedly and demanding to be acknowledged as his successor. Tron, however, managed to attach the discarded bomb to Cyrus's chest and removed the recoding tool, restarting the countdown in both his own bomb and, unbeknownst to him, the ones Able had just detached from Mara and Zed. The bombs immediately started to sizzle with red energy, and Cyrus, screaming in pain, fell off the edge of the platform they were on; but when Tron looked over the edge, the bomb was lying on the ground and Cyrus was nowhere to be seen.

Beck made it to Mara and Zed, but it seemed too late. But it wasn't! Zed and Mara were still alive! It was gonna be a happy ending! But where was Able? He was gonna come out too, right? But he never did. Where was he?! Then, a program from earlier said "There he is! That's him! HE did this!", but Mara was going to defend Beck, right? No... She became convinced that Beck was the monster the other programs saw him as. Able had died while attempting to save Mara and Zed, and the day Beck feared had come. Beck had no other choice, it was either cry for help, or be killed himself. He ran away, his heart broken, his friends against him, and his revolution destroyed.

Beck had suffered a great loss, the traumatic events of this episode seemed to ruin Beck's plan to save his home, but he was ready. The camrea sailed into the dark, went into the credits, with a sad song heard instead of the usual music. All I could think about was what Beck was thinking of, and an old friend who had lost his voice, and how important every part of the heart was...