Even before 1982 when Tron first came into theaters, the story of Tron has always exsisted, living within the stories owned by the Walt Disney company. Walt Disney was very much like Kevin Flynn: he was about the art, and like Flynn created the Grid, Walt Disney created his company and gave his creations life. And though we never knew it, he had created his own digital frontier. But, sadly, Walt passed away a long time ago. But the company he created seemed to still be doing fine with new CEOs, but it has not been easy, Walt Disney was one of a kind. When Tron: Uprising aired, it seemed like The Walt Disney Company had realized that Tron lived within the imagination of Walt Disney, but it just took a while for the world to bring Tron to life. But the company had not, they canceled Tron: Uprising, and while wars raged on, it became clear: The man who currently ran The Walt Disney Company was nothing like Walt. The current CEO was like Clu: being about money and wanting to get rich and caring little about art: caring about shows like Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls (which are ok, but not Tron material), but paying little attention to shows like Motorcity and Tron: Uprising and cancelling them.