"I Will Give All My Secrets Away", He Told BeckEdit

Before Beck began, there was a program named Cyrus. No one knew where he came from, only that Cyrus was a savior, he saved his co-stars. That was how the identity of renegade was born. But he was beginning to lose his way. A powerful being tried to save Cyrus from becoming a monster of some kind, but he was already too late...

Later on in life, Able ordered Beck to bring back some supplies from Gallium City, the place where his love intrest, Paige, grew up. Beck, discovering the road blocked by a storm, decided to circle around the resulting traffic jam by going through the Outlands. He discovered a strange one-way portal, was accidentally sucked inside, and met the mysterious program who resided in the vast compressed space within. What's compressed space? A place not quite off the Grid, but close. It seemed peaceful and just, but it had dark secrets, just like the strange, program-like creature who lived there. It was a prison, a place where the stranger was planing to destroy the Grid! Beck tried to stop the stranger, but that stranger revealed that he was no beast, HE WAS THE FIRST RENEGADE! The one from the old stories... he was Cyrus!

Though Beck tried to escape, he had no luck. All hope seemed lost. Cyrus then said "It's over, Beck!", claiming that Tron was wrong about all that had been said, and Beck was going to be shown JUST how wrong the legendary Disney character was...

Just then: Beck has a strange vision. Flecks of purple, orange, green, a reddened image of the laser in Kevin Flynn's lab under the arcade, as well as both Tron and Clu, who each appeared in a white void, calling Beck's name. What did it all mean?! What was happening?! Was Cyrus trying to convince Beck that Tron was like Clu? Or was it a warning about the future? He then awoke, defeated Cyrus, and saved the Grid! All in a day's work for The Renegade! :)

No one understood what had happened. Even Beck could not fathom what he'd done. His wrists had been left changed... when you touched it, strange marking appeared. And Cyrus, well Cyrus was never found... Or WAS he?