A Program's Rage...Edit

One day, a Program who's voice was not new came to the grid, for what purpouse, no one was sure. A virus in disguise, the program entered Argon... But he didn't go unnoticed. This pet of Clu had grabed the attention of Tron, but when he did, Tron became filled with rage and pain, and he wanted one of the last things you would expect him to want... Revenge! Possesed by these feelings, he decided to plot with Beck to capture the program, who's name was Dyson. Who would name a villain after a vacuum cleaner brand?! Anyway, Beck didn't know what was going on, but he knew something was not right.

During his training, Beck heard Tron say something only a villain would say, "Finish him!", when Beck defeated a Dyson replica. It was true! Beck's fears had been realized, Tron actually WANTED Dyson dead! Why? Was it because Dyson was voiced by John Glover? Did they have a rivalery? Beck could not tell. All he knew was that Tron needed to be stopped before he became the very monster Beck was trying to revolt against.

Beck tried to snap Tron out of the spell he was placed under, but all Tron wanted was to kill Dyson, and threatend to lead the revoultion WITHOUT Beck! Oh, the man's goin' crazy!!! Beck had decided to go on with the plan to capture Dyson, but he was not informed that Dyson had the hearing of an owl! When Dyson revealed that he knew Tron, he also revealed that he had also "Watched him die". Wait... DYSON WATCHED TRON DO WHAT?! Leaping Light Cycles!!!! Dyson and Tron had a history, a grudge! Beck had to do something! But when he did... Beck felt pain all over his body, and it all went black... And Tron became more and more vengeful, and left with Beck's renegade outfit. What could be done to stop Tron from killing Dyson now?!