Tesler's OfferEdit

Once Upon a Time (made by the same two men as this show), Beck, a program possibly in his teens, or 20's, or possibly early 30's like his voice actor, decided to lead a revoultion against one of the most well known Disney villains ever made, Clu! All though he was skilled, he still had a long way to go before he was ready to lead a revolt against anyone... That's where the imbodiment of Disney's ability to inspire pepole (Tron) comes in. Some didn't like Beck, including some who called him a "terrorist", but others believed that Beck could save the world! But then... it happened. A voice actor's past can come back to haunt the characters they currently portray, and when Beck was forced to wear the Power Upgrade Weapon, it ALL changed! At the end of the episode, I and all of you forgave the young hero, but others did not.

Tesler, the main antagonist of the show, went to bed one night, only to wake up later on relieved, but horrifed. Why do you ask? Well, he had just woke up from having a nightmare about a maniac-like monster with white scales and blue and white markings on it who taunted Tesler, claiming that it was going to "reclaim Argon". But the problem was, that wasn't just any monster, it wasn't even a monster, it was a program, a renegade... IT WAS BECK!!!! Tesler was in a panic, he had realized that instead of Beck fearing him: HE was afraid of Beck! But, he wasn't gonna admit it, Tesler decided to offer a reward to capture the monster... I mean beast... I mean RENEGADE!

So, anyway, we all thought that Beck was still the same, the only character not effected by The Power Upgrade Weapon's spell... but he wasn't. Beck seemed ok, but that was until a sentry bumped into him, and with one shout of "Hey!", a new side was revealed. Something that would define him for the rest of his story, a tendency to get angry easily, a temper. Not just a small temper, he had the temper of a dragon!!! Zed had to stop Beck from biting the sentry's head off. Mara and Zed wanted to go home, but that's when that crazy Son of Maleficent Pavel came with a new character, a somewhat shy program named Link. Pavel said that Link had "unbiased" testimony in exchange for the reward, that HOPPER was the Renegade in a secret bid to embarrass Tesler! Can you believe that?! Anyway, Zed and Mara knew that Pavel was lying, and attempted to help Paige prove Pavel's perfidy, but Mara accidentally made Tesler ENRAGED and she and Zed were arrested as well! These pepole don't know when to quit!

With the three "traitors" about to be drawn and quartered in Argon Square, Beck came to the rescue, freeing them before anything... Unpleasant could happen. When they escaped, Tesler was angered by seeing the being who scared the grid out of him escape and disappear into the night, and told Paige and Pavel "Don't EVER bring this up again!", and they did so.

This would be the part where I say "The End", but the story is FAR from over! Revenge, secrets, a crazy predecessor, all enough to make the cast of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Spongebob Squarepants, Phineas and Ferb, and all those super popular television shows want to pack their things and run while they still could! So... instead I'll say:

The Beginning.