I see a reverted edit on this page suggesting that the Nervous Program might have been Zed, citing his haircut. That's been one of my pet headcanons since the show was running, along with Vint (Young Man On Recognizer) actually being Beck after turning stray and taking a new name. (Again, the hair.) Sadly the hair (or even the circuit color, white but tinged with teal green in the Nervous Program's case and teal blue in the Young Man's) isn't enough to cite these connections on the wiki as an evidence-based conclusion, but hey, we can talk about it here.

Personally, it's a theory I feel is great for tragic AUs but prefer not to see substantiated in canon. The odds of a program surviving from the Argon Occupation to Legacy aren't nonexistent (Bartik made it), but it would be an anticlimactic denoument for Zed and Beck after all they went through.--Infiniteviking (talk) 16:31, May 17, 2015 (UTC)

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