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Dual Beam laser[]

Just wondering about the Dual Beam laser?

I don't recall that being in Tron at all, although I do recall Lora talking to Gibbs about how the "Scanning" method was more efficient than the "Single Exposure" so I'm assuming that they are still talking about a single laser -

It's kinda hard to notice in the movie. You can see the beam "dividing" into two if you pause your DVD player while it's scanning Flynn. --Mr. Sinistar 21:48, 8 May 2009 (UTC)

Email info[]

We can use this email from in-game to clarify the Tron 2.0 section: File:017_Digitizing_Technology_1.png

Digitization Disc??[]

Don't recall a Disc being used in the digitization process, either in the Tron film, or the Tron Legacy Film, in fact don't even recall either film even showing a disc, so has this page been hijacked by someone, or is it something not mentioned in the films and only in the scripts?

The short answer? The article is complete nonsense from start to finish. It should be either be deleted outright or 'repurposed' to reflect the digitizing process seen in the Tron movies. -- WarBlade 07:55, January 2, 2011 (UTC)