TRON Maze-A-Tron
Developer Russ Haft (game), Eric Wels (graphics), Andy Sells (sound)
Publisher Mattel
Game System Intellivision
Release Date 1982
Genre Maze
Number of Players 1

TRON Maze-A-Tron is a game developed by Mattel Electronics and released for the Intellivision.


You are Flynn, a computer programmer who's been zapped into the world of the Master Control Program, a highly-intelligent program bent on world domination. In the first part of the game, you must travel through a dangerous and constantly-scrolling computer world that resembles a circuit board and collect zeroes so you clear the RAM chips that the Master Control Program is using. Opposing you every step of the way are Recognizers that will "de-rez" you if they touch you. Use your shield to freeze them in their tracks as well as to pass safely through some energy fields. When you proceed to the Master Control Program, the MCP works to fix the RAM you cleared. Your goal here is to fire a Bit-Gun at pairs of BIT streams and BIT stacks before they hit the top of the screen. These two phases repeat with a higher difficulty each time.


  • An Atari 2600 version of this game was being planned and developed, but the result was so different it ended up becoming Adventures Of TRON.


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