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TRON: Uprising S01E14 Tagged
Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorCharlie Bean
StoryCharlie Bean
StarringElijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Mandy Moore
Nate Corddry
Lance Henriksen
Paul Reubens
Release DateDecember 24, 2012

Tagged is the 14th episode of TRON: Uprising. The Renegade recruits three programs who caught his attention by tagging the Grid with the message, "TRON LIVES." He discovers one of them is Mara.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Tron and Beck discovered that a team of three masked programs had been expressing their commitment to the revolution by tagging Argon City with a message: "TRON LIVES." Beck wished to recruit them, but Tron pessimistically warned that they might not be ready to truly commit. Nevertheless, Beck used a gravity bomb to capture the three programs, testing their sincerity by disguising himself in a similar red-circuited light suit to the one Tron had worn when testing Beck's convictions. When assured that they were sincere, he revealed himself to be the renegade and invited them to join the resistance, learning their identities in the process: Rasket, Moog, and their ringleader -- none other than Mara.

Beck returned to Tron, uncertain of what to do, and asked how Tron had known to choose him. Tron, still unwilling to admit that Beck had not been the first renegade, said that Beck had been the one to make the choice by refusing to back down.

Despite his mixed feelings, Beck involved the three in a plan to retrieve the data cube that Paige had taken from him on the island. Rasket and Moog were unhappy with their role as a simple distraction while Beck got all the "thrills" of invading Tesler's ship, but Mara scolded them for focusing on trivialities while the renegade was risking his life for their sakes, and they agreed to take part in the plan. They were successful, distracting the guards at Argon's refueling station with their tagging so that Beck could infiltrate the ship; however, once that was accomplished, they infiltrated the ship themselves, ignoring Mara's exhortations to leave and meet the renegade as had been planned.

Mara proceeded to the meeting point alone, and told the renegade in frustration that Rasket and Moog had decided to go tag Tesler's ship on their own. When the renegade told her to remain behind while he rescued them, she refused, citing her knowledge of their usual activities and insisting on accompanying him. Although the tagging had been successful, covering the ship with colorful TRON LIVES graffiti, Rasket and Moog had been captured; Beck and Mara discovered them being tortured by Pavel and released them. Paige tried to intervene, and a battle followed, but ultimately all four escaped.

On a rooftop, later on, Moog and Rasket admitted that they had messed up badly. They understood the scope of the resistance now, but refused to join, saying that they'd barely survived their first real battle. Beck, not ready to involve Mara in his dangerous work, told her curtly that she was of no use to him without her friends. He later remarked to Tron that the cruel words had been the only way to get her to leave. Tron, lurking behind a pillar with his red circuits lit, replied that if Mara was truly committed, she would be ready to join Beck when he needed her.

Meanwhile, in Argon Park, another structure was once again defaced by the now-ubiquitous graffiti. Mara, wearing a hooded cloak, let her mask retract from her face, looked upon her handiwork, and smiled.