TRON: Uprising S01E11 Grounded
Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorCharlie Bean
ArtistAdam Nussdorf
StarringElijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Mandy Moore
Nate Corddry
Reginald VelJohnson
Lance Henriksen
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Paul Reubens
StudioDisney Television Animation

Grounded is the 11th episode of TRON: Uprising, in which the Renegade is challenged to a showdown by General Tesler, but is ordered to stay at the garage to work.


Beck, in his guise as the Renegade, rescued several programs who had violated Argon City's curfew, telling them to "spread the word" that Tron lived. Tesler, infuriated, issued a public challenge to the Renegade to appear in Argon Square and surrender himself, promising to free additional prisoners and end the curfew if he did so. Though Tron objected, Beck felt it was his important to show Argon's residents that they could fight back.

Returning to the garage, Beck was met by Able, who scolded him for his lax work and, despite his protests, grounded him at the garage for the rest of the cycle. Zed, whom he was told to assist, agreed with Able's assessment, expressing surprise that Beck hadn't already been fired. When Zed left his task to assist Mara, Beck tried to sneak off, but Able caught him again.

Tesler, meanwhile, allowed Pavel to add a number of upgrades to his configuration, intending to use them to destroy the Renegade completely.

When programs began to assemble at Argon Square to see if the Renegade would indeed show up, Able ordered Beck to stay at the garage, assigning Link to watch him. Link promised to keep him there, but admitted when Beck chose to walk out that he couldn't force him to stay.

At Argon Square, Beck made a flashy entrance by diving his light jet through a viewing screen. Tesler released the prisoners, but refused to end the curfew unless Beck actually surrendered. Using the same method Beck had used earlier to save the first group of prisoners, Tesler caused the ground to collapse, throwing Beck into a lower level of the Grid. The general used his upgraded, powered-up arms to attack Beck, even transforming one arm into a giant cannon and blowing holes in the walls as Beck dodged. Eventually Tesler's strength overwhelmed the Renegade; the general extended one arm to crush Beck against a wall, and was gloating over his imminent victory when a black-clad, helmeted program tore through on a light cycle and sliced through Tesler's arm with his identity disc. The injury caused Tesler's upgrades to fail, and he, the stranger, and Beck each fled in separate directions, leaving the watching programs -- among them those that Beck had rescued earlier -- to reflect on what they had seen.

Back at Tron's hideout, Tron said that he thought Beck had done the right thing, but denied having been the program who rescued him. Confused, Beck returned to the garage and was immediately collared by Able. But instead of scolding him for walking out, Able asked him how he had become the Renegade, revealing that he'd been the one to rescue Beck at Argon Square and that he'd known what was going on for a long time.

Trivia Edit

  • The game Zed, Mara, and Beck were waiting to play in Argon Park is remarkably similar to Hyperball, albeit without the energy ring platforms.
  • This episode first premiered on Disney XD's On-Demand service.