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Dyson (TRON Uprising).jpg
TRON: Uprising S01E09 Scars, Part 1
Media Type Television episode
Director Charlie Bean
Artist Adam Nussdorf
Producers Disney Television Animation
Story Bill Wolkoff
Starring Elijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Lance Henriksen
Paul Reubens
Guest: Fred Tatasciore
Guest: John Glover
Release Date October 26, 2012

Scars, Part 1 is the 9th episode of TRON: Uprising. Beck seeks to stop Tron from becoming the very monster he is trying to rise up against.

Plot Synopsis[edit | edit source]

When a program named Dyson arrived for a tour of General Tesler's fleet, Tron, feeling unbelievable pain and rage, plotted with Beck to capture him. Beck protested that if Dyson was brought back to Tron's hideout, he would have to be derezzed in order to keep Tron's secret safe, but Tron insisted that it was the only way.

As Beck worked on making the capture, worrying about his increasingly erratic mentor, Paige and Pavel showed a supercilious Dyson around Argon City. Pavel eagerly brought Dyson's attention to the trouble caused by the mysterious renegade, hoping to discredit and displace Tesler.

Meanwhile, Tron, brooding over Dyson's presence, thought back to the days before the war, when Dyson had been his right-hand security program. Along with three others, they had faced trouble in the ISO District when an unseen individual threw an identity disc from a crowd of ISOs and derezzed a Basic, sparking a riot; Dyson had sustained a disfiguring facial injury in the mess, which inflamed his hatred of ISOs. When even the arrival of Kevin Flynn brought no relief to the strained conditions on the Grid, Clu had staged his long-planned coup, with Dyson, a traitor, at his side.

Beck's first attempt to capture Dyson failed when the veteran security program sensed the trap he had set. Returning to Tron, Beck attempted a strategem to convince him that he could steal Dyson's disc instead of capturing him, eliminating the need to derezz him. Tron, enraged, disclosed that Dyson's death was the whole point of the exercise. Beck, trying to stop him, was stunned and knocked out with a light taser, and Tron retrieved the half-disc they had shared and went after Dyson himself.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The flashback sequence of Clu's betrayal features the same soundtrack song ("Adagio of Tron") shown for the version of the scene in Tron: Legacy.
  • Tron again uses the black undercover light suit he created in Identity.
  • Intrestingly, Tron doesn't call Beck by name at any point during this episode or it's second part.
  • When Tron discovers that Dyson has came to Argon City, he can be heard letting out a soft inhuman growl.
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