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TRON: Uprising S01E08 The Reward
Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorCharlie Bean
Release DateOctober 19, 2012

The Reward is the eighth episode of TRON: Uprising. When General Tesler offers a reward, as well as the lifting of Argon City's curfew, for the capture of the Renegade, programs all over the City begin to falsely accuse each other.


Beck's night out with Mara and Zed took a sour turn when General Tesler (who is still mentally struggling with his previous encounter with The Renegade) advertised a reward—a snazzy Light Roadster able to outrun a light jet, with a retractable top and the ability to split into two double-seater light cycles, along with the lifting of Argon City's curfew for the general population—for information leading to the capture of the Renegade. Programs all over Argon City began to falsely accuse each other of being the Renegade, and the Occupation rounded up hundreds of suspects for questioning.

Meanwhile, Pavel persuaded a sinister program named Gorn to edit false information into Hopper's disc and convinced Link to provide "unbiased" testimony in exchange for the reward, framing Hopper as the Renegade in a secret bid to embarrass Tesler. Zed and Mara, who had seen Hopper at the scene of one of the Renegade's battles and knew the two couldn't be the same, attempted to help Paige prove Pavel's perfidy, but Mara accidentally enraged Tesler and she and Zed were arrested as well.

With the three "traitors" about to be drawn and quartered in Argon Square, Beck stole Link's light roadster and raced to save his friends, arriving just in time to prevent them from being torn apart. The four escaped in the Light Roadster, pursued by thunderous blasts from Pavel's missile launcher, providing a public demonstration that Hopper had not been the Renegade. Hopper, ungrateful, attempted to capture the Renegade as they drove off, but Zed, despite still blaming the masked program for their troubles, kicked Hopper out of the car and let Mara convince him that their escape was fun. The Renegade told them to remember that Tron lived, and then split the car into twin light cycles, departing on one while Mara and Zed continued on the other.

Back at Argon Square, General Tesler, incensed at the failure of his plan, instructed Pavel and Paige to never mention it again.