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Argon Square
Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorCharlie Bean
ProducersEdward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
StarringElijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Lance Henriksen
Release DateJune 28, 2012

When Beck's identity disc was stolen on the Light Rail, his memory started to unravel. Hoping to prevent a permanent memory loss that would leave him a stray (or knowledge of the renegade's identity reaching the Occupation), he and Tron -- the latter masked so as to be unrecognizable -- set out to infiltrate the crime-ridden underbelly of Purgos, Argon City's closest neighbor.

After a few interrogations, they arrived at a pawn shop owned by Kobol. When asked about the missing disc, he denied knowledge of it until Beck begged him to tell them what they need to know. Tron and Beck arrived at the alley where they were supposed to meet Kobol again, but they were instead ambushed by a local gang of programs. As the fight continued, Beck started to have his first memory glitch. A mysterious siren named Lux appeared and helped Tron and Beck escape. She guided them through the complex world of Purgos and its menacing criminal gangs, and together they tracked down Galt, the program who had stolen Beck's disc; but Galt was derezzed before he could tell them where it was, and the killer escaped when Beck glitched again. Lux took the two programs to her home, but her true intentions were revealed when, during Beck's third glitch, she knocked Tron out and convinced the vulnerable Beck that he was actually an Occupation soldier.

Upon awakening, Tron learned that Lux and Kobol were working together, stealing discs and providing strays for the Occupation to repurpose. Beck, convinced of the story Lux had told him, was unable to recognize Tron and accompanied Kobol to the pickup site. Tron appealed to Lux and, despite her unreturned love for Kobol, convinced her to free him; racing to save Beck, he defeated Kobol but was held at staff-point by his still-glitching protoge. Desperate, Tron unmasked himself, relying on Beck's inner nature and arguing that even without his memories, Beck was not a killer. When Beck refused Kobol's exhortations to kill Tron, Kobol turned on him, and in the subsequent struggle Beck regained his disc and Lux, galvanized by the knowledge that Tron lived, derezzed her former boss.

During the fight, a recognizer had landed at the pickup point, releasing a squad of guards to pick up their newest victim. Lux, realizing that they were outnumbered, gave her disc to Tron and Beck, and charged into the squad with Kobol's staff, derezzing several of them and buying time for the Grid's heroes to escape before she was finally overpowered and killed.

Tron and Beck later brought Lux's disc to a power spring in the Outlands, activating and releasing it to release her memory to the system again. As they watched it float away, Tron told Beck that he had been reluctant to accept friendship with him because he had once let friendship with another program cloud his judgment, and it had proved to be a terrible mistake.  He assures Beck that with him, he had chosen correctly.


  • Similar to how Beck altered his light suit in Beck's Beginning, Tron creates for himself a discreet, almost-completely black light suit without needing the recoding tool. Whether this is a special ability belonging only to him remains unknown.