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Uprising renegade
The Renegade, Part 2
Media TypeTelevision episode
DirectorCharlie Bean
ProducersEdward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
StarringElijah Wood
Bruce Boxleitner
Lance Henriksen
Lance Reddick
Release DateJune 14, 2012

Plot SynopsisEdit

Beck and Cutler were thrown into the game arena and instructed to fight each other to the death, with the winner going free. Neither wished to kill the other, and Cutler forfeited the match, denying General Tesler the spectacle he'd expected. Paige convinced the disgruntled general to keep his word instead of summarily derezzing both programs, and Tesler announced that Beck would go free while Cutler would be publically derezzed at Argon Square. The two programs were taken outside and Beck was released; Cutler, under heavy guard, threw him the veteran armband he'd shown him in the cells, and told him to find Tron, join him and never stop fighting.

Beck returned to Tron’s hideout and reported on his failure to save Cutler, but Tron pointed out that Cutler would not be executed until the next cycle, leaving time to mount a rescue. Beck agreed and headed off into Argon City.

Once in the city, Beck boarded the recognizer holding Cutler and hijacked it. Pavel noticed the course deviation and ordered that the recognizer be shot down. Damaged from the resulting attack, the recognizer crashed into a building, coming to a rest at the edge of its roof. Beck and Cutler rescued the guards inside just before the remains of the recognizer toppled from the building.

Escaping together, Beck and Cutler were intercepted by Paige on a roof bordered by light jet turbines. Cutler threw his identity disc, but hit the controls of a turbine instead of Paige, surprising her when what she thought was a missed attack activated the turbines and blew her away from her prey; Cutler had not been written for fighting but for aerodynamics.

Back at the garage, Zed was afraid to face Able with the news that Perl had tricked him and stolen the ENCOM 786. Able came out into the garage to look for the vintage bike's baton, but Mara, having figured out what had happened, intercepted Zed before he could get in trouble and offered to help him track the missing bike.

The two traced Perl to the docks, where she had presented the baton to Gage, the leader of her gang. Perl jeered at Zed, scoffing at his gullibility, but Mara, furious at the insult to her best friend, punched Perl in the jaw, allowing Zed to grab the baton. He rezzed the vintage light cycle and, with Mara riding behind him, fled the scene as Perl and the gang rezzed up their own bikes to pursue them.

Beck and Cutler, meanwhile, had also fled to the docks, deciding to use a light boat to get out of the city, but Paige caught up and engaged them in battle. The three fought until exhausted, and Paige, refusing to give up, held them at bay until Perl and her gang accidentally collided with her, allowing Beck and Cutler (as well as Mara and Zed) to escape in the chaos. Angered by the intrusion, Paige arrested Perl and took the gang in.

Beck and Cutler boarded a light boat but were pursued by Tesler's larger speed boat. Pavel arrived in another light boat, which slammed into them as they were hit by cannon fire, causing the two boats to fuse together. Beck fended off Pavel and knocked him into the water, but Tesler was closing in and they were unable to break the connection between the fugitives' light boat and the one slowing it down.

Suddenly, an underwater speedboat rocketed out of the water and used its light ribbon to separate the fused boats. The new speed boat shot away under the surface; though the fugitives could not know it, its pilot was Tron.

Arriving at a different dock, with pursuit left far behind, Beck returned Cutler's armband without revealing his identity. Cutler pledged his support for the coming revolution, and the pair exchanged goodbyes and parted company.

Back at Tron's hideout, Tron asked Beck if he had returned to continue the fight or to quit. Beck acknowledged that there would be setbacks, but it would be okay as long as they kept fighting. He then asked what would happen next. Tron told him that they would continue training: “Like I said, you’ve got a lot to learn."