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Cover for Issue 1

Six months after the events of TRON 2.0, Jet Bradley is emotionally troubled after being digitized into the world of the computer. He decides to leave ENCOM and turns his back on technology, but the universe he helped create wants him back.


TRON: The Ghost in the Machine #1 begins with an introduction explaining the events before and after TRON as well as the backstory for TRON 2.0.

After Jet Bradley was digitized into ENCOM's computer network and stopped FCon's plan to control the world using DataWraiths, he experiences vivid nightmares about being in the computer but not in control of his own body, as if "there's something else in there, watching and directing things".

Six months have passed and Jet quit his game programmer job at ENCOM; the job he had been working for his whole life. His father, Alan Bradley tries to help out by taking him to Dr. Arnspiger (the same doctor that tried to help Flynn). Meanwhile, in ENCOM's computer network, the computer realizes that Jet is missing and restores a backup copy of Jet. While trying to restore Jet, the computer reports that there's data loss and that this new copy of Jet may not function normally. This new Jet rezzes in and turns red in color, denoting that something is amiss.

While Jet is at therapy with Dr. Arnspiger, Alan discovers an unknown subroutine in ENCOM's computers. An intercom buzzes on Alan's desk and he depresses the button to hear his deceased wife's voice in the intercom.

Moments later, security guards notice Jet (with unsettling eyes) in Alan's laboratory on the security camera feed.

The real Jet, is walking home to his home (which is the closed Flynn's arcade building). Jet receives a phone call from his dad inquiring if the police are looking for him and if he can meet him at the lab. Jet hears someone yelling at his dad and the phone hangs up. The police do arrive at his home and Jet runs away via the fire escape stairs. Jet manages to get inside a police car and reluctantly use the laptop computer in the car to find that his dad is dead and he is the suspect.

The police discover him in the police car and Jet drives off. The police follow him in hot pursuit. Jet drives to ENCOM's laboratories and asks Ma3a if she knows where his dad is. She doesn't know, so Jet asks Ma3a to show him the last surveillance video while his dad was present. The video shows "Jet" shooting his dad in the chest with a pistol. With the police SWAT team trying to open the locked laboratory doors, Jet decides that he'll digitize himself, despite his avoidance. The SWAT team break in and shoot at Jet, but Jet is struck by the digitizing laser and barely misses the bullet.

Jet is sent into the realm of the computer only to find out that the computer world is at war.