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TRON: Original Movie Adaptation
Media Type Comic book
Story Peter David
Illustrator Mirco Pierfederic
Studio Marvel Comics Group
Release Date 5/18/2011

TRON: Original Movie Adaptation is a Marvel comic book adaptation of the 1982 movie TRON, written by Peter David and penciled by Mirco Pierfederici.


Part 1[]

In anticipation of Walt Disney Pictures' high-tech adventure, TRON: LEGACY, which hits U.S. theaters in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D on December 17, 2010 - [Marvel Entertainment|[Marvel Comics]] is proud to bring you a stunning new visualization of the first TRON film. Adapted by legendary scribe Peter David (X-Factor, The Dark Tower) and stunningly illustrated by Mirco Pierfederici (X-Men Legacy, Dark Wolverine)!

Part 2[]

The race is on for Flynn and Tron to reach the central computer and take down the Master Control Program... but with Sark on their tail and every program under the MCP's command after them, will they survive the journey? Adapted by comics icon Peter David and drawn by breakout artist Mirco Pierfederici, there's no better way to get downloaded into the TRON universe!


  • Book 1 ends as Gibbs and Lora perform their first successful digitization experiment, while Book 2 ends with Flynn's first sight of Tron in a four-way disc match, fighting for the Users.
  • In an interview, writer Peter David stated that he'd had 68 pages in which to adapt a 128-page script, and that he had done so by fixing "some plot holes in the film, although I don't want to go into detail since they're closely tied to the climax of the story."

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