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TRON: Legacy Junior Novel
Media Type Book
Story Alice Alfonsi
Distributors Disney Press
Release Date October 19, 2010

The TRON: Legacy Junior Novel is a novelization of TRON: Legacy, written by Alice Alfonsi and based on the screenplay by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. It was published by Disney Press (October 19, 2010). The novel runs to 144 pages, and contains a code linking a website where the final chapters can be read online. The front cover features a closeup of Sam Flynn riding a light cycle. The book also has an insert containing 8 pages of film stills.


The book, written for young readers, summarizes TRON: Legacy. Like the novelization of TRON, it follows the same general plot but contains numerous details unique to itself; Castor, for example, wears a top hat, Kevin Flynn's safehouse is full of candles, and Rinzler perceives Flynn as his "creator."

Chapters 14-16 and the Epilogue are omitted from the book, which ends at Sam's rescue of Quorra from Clu's ship. The book contains a code directing readers to a website where the final chapters can be read.


In addition to the paperback, a Kindle version is offered through Amazon. The book was also released as TRON Legacy: The Book of the Film (Parragon Books: November 1, 2010), which consists of the same text, also minus the last few chapters, but has no color photos.