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TRON: Legacy: It's Your Call: Initiate Sequence
Media TypeBook
StoryCarla Jablonski
Release Date2010

TRON: Legacy: It's Your Call: Initiate Sequence is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style book by Carla Jablonski that loosely follows Sam Flynn's experiences in the film TRON: Legacy. The book allows the reader to decide Sam's actions, determining the events of the story and how the story ends.

Official Description Edit

"Sam Flynn is the rebellious 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer who disappeared when Sam was just a child. When Sam looks into his father's disappearance, he finds himself pulled into the same world of brutal programs. In this Choose Your Adventure Story It's up to YOU, to decide the fate of his world!"

Trivia Edit

  • Because the book is based on early drafts of TRON: Legacy, certain details differ from the film (aside from those caused by the reader's choices). For example, the program on Sam's team during the light cycle tournament that is credited as "Purple Gaming Program" actually has purple circuitry in the book (as opposed to green in the film).

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