System Monitors
System Monitor
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue (original),

Red (Sentries), White (Tron)

Other information
EquipmentIdentity Disc
VehiclesLight Cycle
Light Tank
AlliesKevin Flynn
Clu 2
Black Guards
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON: Betrayal
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Legacy
TRON: Uprising

A System Monitor is a security program tasked with maintaining system integrity from internal threats such as gridbugs, rogue programs and viruses.

Flynn copied Tron, a security program from the ENCOM mainframe, to the TRON system to act as head of system security and maintain order. After the emergence of the ISOs, Clu and several system monitors performed terrorist attacks against ISO-populated areas of the Grid. Despite this, most system monitors continued to perform their role of protecting the TRON system. When the Abraxas virus was unleashed, the system monitors were quickly repurposed into sentries and sent to fight against infected programs.

Following the coup d'état against Kevin Flynn, the system monitors, now known as sentries, acted as Clu's personal military force to control the Grid's populace.

Known system monitors include: