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Super Light Cycle
Vehicle TypeHigh speed personal transport
Crew1 Rider
UsersJet Bradley
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON 2.0

A Super Light Cycle is the updated version of a light cycle. It was first introduced in TRON 2.0, and designed by Syd Mead, who had previously designed the light cycles of TRON.

The super light cycle is canopy-free - a carry-over from Syd Mead's original design - longer, and shows off more detail. The front wheel shoots up sparks as the cycle travels. Internal workings such as engine and suspension can be seen under the missile-like chassis that the rider sits on. The rider sits hunched over on the super light cycle the same manner as on a regular light cycle, albeit not covered by the arched canopy.

Super light cycles are faster and more dangerous than their original counterparts. This is partly due to the higher speed reduction upon turning than the regular light cycle. For this reason, the super light cycle requires more skill to ride.

Jet Bradley receives the super Light cycle rod from a friendly ICP, who had "a lot riding on him" after watching one of the matches. From then on, Jet used the super light cycle in every match until he left the Game Grid.


  • A similar light cycle is featured in the video game Kingdom Hearts II, during the Light Cycle Mini-Game.