A Subroutine is an item in TRON 2.0 and TRON: Evolution that provides a new weapon, protection, or a utility/performance enhancement.

Every subroutine can be one of 3 levels, from weakest to strongest:


Higher level subroutines usually have an increased energy cost or apply a higher cost to a weapon. In the memory ring, an alpha subroutine fills three blocks, a beta fills two blocks, and a gold fills one block. The configuration of blocks in the memory ring is tied to the computer system; an older computer will have less memory and therefore fewer blocks available.

To get better versions, a player must either find them while traveling through the game or use an Optimizer to upgrade the subroutines they have.

Weapon Subroutines Edit

Subroutine Primitive Icon Description
Disc (Disc Primitive)* Disc Disc primitive icon No energy cost, guidable flight path
Sequencer Disc Disc sequencer icon Throw multiple discs sequentially, up to 4 in the air
Cluster Disc Disc cluster icon Explode the disc in midair or on impact
PRod (Rod Primitive)* Rod Rod primitive icon Melee, stun enemy and drain health
Suffusion Rod Rod suffusion icon Shotgun, powerful short-range, inaccurate long-range.

Energy Pellets: 5

Blast Spread: Wide
Damage: High (Close Range)
Energy Use: Base


Energy Pellets: 6
Blast Spread: Reduced 30%
Energy Use: Increased by 10%


Energy Pellets: 7
Blast Spread: Reduced 50%
Energy Use: Increased 20%

LOL Rod Rod lol icon Sniper rifle, scope zoom


Fire Rate: Slow
Damage: High (Headshot)
Energy Use: Base


Fire Rate: 50% Faster
Damage: Increased 20%
Energy Use: Increased 10%


Fire Rate: 120% Faster
Damage: Increased 50%
Energy Use: Increased 20%

Ball (Ball Primitive)* Ball Ball primitive icon Timed grenade
Ball Launcher Ball Ball launcher icon Rocket launcher/RPG
Drunken Dims Ball Ball drunken dims icon Shoots multiple inaccurate exploding grenades, good at short-range
Blaster (Mesh Primitive)* Mesh Mesh primitive icon Machine gun, low damage, inaccurate
Energy Claw Mesh Mesh energy claw icon Melee, drain energy and health
Prankster Bit Mesh Mesh prankster bit icon Guided missile that creates black hole on impact/detonation

* Primitives are always equipped and have no Subroutine object in Jet's inventory.

Armor Subroutines Edit

Subroutine Description
Submask Head, damage reduction 10/12/15%
Encryption Chest, damage reduction 15/25/30%
Peripheral Seal Arms, damage reduction 8/9/12%
Support Safeguard Legs, damage reduction 8/9/12%
Base Damping Feet, damage reduction 5/7/8%
Viral Shield Reduce chance of memory corruption by 30/50/75%

Utility Subroutines Edit

Subroutine Description
Fuzzy Signature Reduces noise while moving 25/50/75%
Power Block After blocking an enemy disc, fires a charge straight out at crosshairs
Megahurtz Increases all weapon damage and energy cost
Corrosion All attacks inflict corrosive damage on the enemy, damaging it over time, increased cost
Primitive Charge Increases all primitives damage 20/40/60%
Triangulation Reduced zoom sway, additional ranges for all weapons
Y-Amp Additional jump height 15/30/45%
Profiler Display information about target, higher version provides more info
Virus Scan Show subroutines infected, higher versions detect which and disinfect during d/l
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